"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All" part 2 aired on October 21. Of course, we saw more of the drama about Laura and Aladin wanting a divorce. We also saw her son Liam howling with laughter. Now, we also saw in the "Tell-All," that Raul made an appearance. Raul is an old flame of Evelin's. Corey got so upset about him saying he wants Evelin back and would grab her if Corey messes up. Evelin took to Instagram with a message to say her farewell to fans just ahead of the Tell All. And, she may have dropped a hint we'll see more of them. Well, there's an interesting spin to it all, as Laura took to her Instagram, and it looks like she's super-cozy with Raul now.

Evelin hints we might see her on '90 Day Fiance' again

On her Instagram post, Evelin said, "It's been a pleasure to be on your tv till next time don't forget to watch the final part of the tell all. I personally think the tell all is super juicy and we should encourage the love and support between cast members intead of being dissapointed for the lack of fights. see u again. (sic)" Well if you break down that message, we see, "till next time," and "see u again." That's quite a hint we never saw the back of her on the show.

If you take Corey's IG posts into account, he would certainly not mind a return to the TLC franchise. I reported on Blasting News, "Taking to his Instagram Stories on Saturday night, Corey answered questions in a Q&A.

" He said several times that he wouldn't mind a return or even featuring on another reality show. We noted a fan asked, "If Evelin changes her mind to come to the US would you like to be on 90 Day Fiance?" Corey replied saying, "Sure, why not?" So, if you put Evelin suggesting a return along with Corey's feelings, it definitely looks like a possibility.

Plus he's determined Evelin never really meant to forget to wear her engagement ring.

Laura, Raul and a '90 Day Fiance' twist

Raul's very prevalent in Ecuador, and coincidentally, so is Laura. Actually, she's been there since they filmed the "Tell All." Partying hard, Laura moves in the same circles as Raul these days. Interesting posts and stories came from Evelin and Laura this weekend.

They show "90 Day Fiance's" Laura partying alongside Raul and other men. Often, Raul's dancing and got his arm around Laura.

Laura was the one who broke the news about a relationship with Raul. She went to Instagram to share all about her new relationship. She started off in a live chat and followed it up with the post below. While it looks like they're good friends, their behavior together suggests more to it than that. Actually, in the Live they got close and personal and she even kissed him. Getting saucy, Laura said that Raul's a "sweetheart."

A possible spinoff - Laura and Raul get together, Evelin and Corey remain together

More info from Laura suggests they want to go surfing together, and Raul said she's a great dancer.

On an Evelin Story, she certainly danced rather closely and got into the groove. Now, entering the realm of speculation, its possible we could see Laura hooking up with Raul. I also suspect that Corey will return to Evelin despite everything as he seems eternally forgiving.

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that TLC would bring them into another "90 Day Fiance" show if that happens. There's the possibility of a spinoff or even "Happily Ever After."

What do you think about Evelin saying "see you again," and "until the next time?" Do you think she's dropping a hint we may see more of her and Corey on the show?

Put that together with what looks like Corey being keen to return to the franchise, and something developing with Laura and Raul, it's not totally impossible, after all.

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