"90 Day Fiance" fans really don't know if Corey and Evelin's relationship's doomed forever. Most fans of the TLC show would like to think so. They think Corey's crazy for sticking with her. Plus, in the Tell-All, even the rest of the cast felt sorry for him when she "forgot" to wear her ring" and Raul pitched up in the video call. Now, Corey answered questions about a possible return to the franchise or some other show.

Corey discussed television, '90 Day Fiance' and other things in his Q&A

Taking to his Instagram Stories on Saturday night, Corey answered questions in a Q&A.

His conversation ranged from thinking he went a bit too far over the fan who lost their job for hating on Evelin, to thinking about more TV work. He also mentioned that he truly believes that Evelin really just "forgot" to wear her engagement ring during the Tell-All. But, he wouldn't be drawn on Raul, other than to say he can't comment too much. And, he's still dealing with it.

But, the interesting part in the Q&A shows that the "90 Day Fiance" star would certainly not mind doing another season or show with the franchise. And, that extends to with or without Evelin. Maybe many fans would prefer not to see Evelin, but she's got those who love her as well, despite not wanting kids and the fling with Raul in Corey's absence from Ecuador.

So many fans feel that Corey's dad was right to be concerned when he said Corey need to take care as Evelin owns the beach bar and he put in all the money.

What did Corey say about '90 Day Fiance?'

One fan asked Corey, "Are you happy you signed up for the show?" Corey replied, "I don't regret doing the show. I regret some of the things I did or said on the show though." Another "90 Day Fiance" fan asked, "Will you join the show again if asked?" To that, Corey answered, "Yes, I think so." Another similar question said, "If Evelin changes her mind to come to the US wojuld you like to be on 90 Day Fiance?" Corey replied saying, "Sure, why not?"

So, it certainly looks like Corey's thought about and considered his future in television.

In fact, one fan asked if it was worth "giving up his private life" and "would [he] consider doing another Reality TV show if asked?" Corey seems very certain that he would do one. His reply was, "I would. I don't mind being in the industry." Earlier, he mentioned how he got used to the cameras very quickly and they don't bother him at all.

Would you like to see more of Corey Rathgeber?

Corey lost many fans who grew frustrated with him for not seeing what they perceive Evelin to be. But lots of them might enjoy seeing him back with the TLC franchise. Or, elsewhere on other shows. What about you? Would you enjoy seeing more of him, or Corey and Evelin?

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