Soon Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be ushering in a new chapter of life. Together with their son, Archie, the three will be visiting Africa soon to undertake a sensitization project on behalf of their preferred charitable organizations. While on their visit, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will meet a lot of citizens, surely hoping to use this trip as a distraction from their current challenges.

The past couple of months have seen them make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Speculations have emerged that perhaps those issues are raising problems in their marriage.

However, the couple is pretty sure of what is going on in their marriage. But this anticipated trip to Africa has got most people thinking.

Both have had to get through unending speculations and challenges. In fact, a lot of people never believed they were actually dating after their relationship went public for the first time. They were hit hard with racist and painful insults, prompting Prince Harry to come and defend his sweetheart.

Marriage issues

According to Cheat Sheet, their marriage even exposed them to more challenges. The birth of Archie Harrison, their son seemed not to ease the tribulations and trials. Maybe Meghan Markle was responsible for some of the problems, for example, while in Wimbledon, she declined fan photographs.

The incident raised a lot of mixed reactions among people. Prince has also experienced some serious criticism from fans. His environmental activism has been deemed fake after he was seen traveling often in private jets.

Despite the challenges faced by Harry’s family, he has remained committed to protecting it. The Duke of Sussex has, on numerous occasions, defended her wife and their son, Archie.

Obviously, Prince Harry does not want a repeat of what happened to the late Princess Diana, his mother, where the media had harassed her. On her part, the Duchess is also hoping their marriage with Harry will thrive.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, always in limelight

This is a turn of events that Prince Harry and Megan Markle anticipated after getting into the public limelight.

Always being under the prying eyes of cameras meant they would not escape challenges and endless gossip. Even their planned trip to Africa has captured many people’s attention. To the couple, it might be a better way of keeping their marriage intact. And with Africa being highly regarded by Prince Harry, perhaps this is a wise move.

The couple has resorted to engaging in other smaller, but equally important, activities. For instance, Markle has chosen to introduce Prince Harry into yoga, an exercise that involves meditation and appreciating inner peace. Perhaps it will help them forget their challenges for a while.