Sumit’s latest comments, about Jenny, have raised a lot of questions among "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" fans, about whether their relationship will survive the test of time. Already their relationship is on the brink of collapsing. Sumit’s parents do not like the idea of their son marrying Jenny. She is considered not good enough for their son due to her age. Perhaps it is time Jenny admitted she does not stand a chance in Sumit’s family. Recently, Sumit came out and confirmed Jenny’s worst fears. According to Cheat Sheet, Sumit revealed that he would pick his family over her all day.

This revelation hit the 60-year-old very hard.

Not accepted by Sumit’s Parents

The two first interacted on Facebook, where Sumit catfished Jenny. Later on, he gathered the courage to apologize for impersonating Michael Jones to win Jenny’s affection. Sumit came clean after he realized that their love was becoming more serious. Fortunately, Jenny was quick to forgive him.

At first, it seemed like their relationship would thrive, until Sumit’s parents rejected the idea of him dating Jenny. She was rejected for being 30 years older than their son. in fact, she is older than Sumit’s mother. To prevent his mother from leaving their apartment, he chose to move out with Jenny.

Family First-Admits Sumit

Challenges have continued to plague this couple. Occasionally, Jenny has been on the receiving end. Most recently, he left Jenny all alone in their newly acquired apartment and returned home to make his parents believe he was back for work reasons.

Not everyone appeared to believe him. While visiting, Jenny’s daughter-in-law and daughter confronted Sumit with a serious question.

For Christina, she wanted to know what Sumit had in store for her mother. Further, she criticized him for claiming to love Jenny but still contemplating leaving her all alone.

Clearly, Sumit would never turn on his parents. He admitted to Jenny that when faced with a choice between her and his family, he would choose his family.

This painful truth shocked Christina and her mother.

Sumit drooped the bombshell

It has emerged that Sumit was hiding a secret from Jenny. Earlier, he even confirms that the secret might hurt her so much. Although, He has revealed that he is already married. Fans were earlier also suspecting Sumit is either married or already betrothed to someone in a planned marriage. At the moment, nothing is confirmed regarding their relationship. Notably, Jenny's visa is also about to over.

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