Soon Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will find out that Victor Newman is still alive. This unexpected twist to Victor’s death story is going to stir a heated conversation among fans. Soap Dirt understands that Victor might have faked his own death in a bid to punish Adam.

Victor Newman had asked Dr. Nate to help him in accomplishing this heinous act so that he can trap his son. Unfortunately, his fake death plot is bound to fail when Adam knows the truth, reports Daily Soap Dish. Perhaps, he might be on the receiving end instead of his son. Also, it is important to note that Eric Braeden has himself announced the return recently and he is not going anywhere.

Eric hinted that his character will be able to continue.

The two, Victor and his son have been in a constant struggle for quite a long time. And it seems like Newman’s family current situation won’t be getting any better soon when everyone learns that Victor is still alive. Nikki might even sink deeper in alcoholism making Victor even more worried. So, what should viewers look forward to?

'The Young and The Restless' rumors

All along "The Young and The Restless" viewers were pretty sure that Victor Newman was no more after he unexpectedly collapsed onto the ground saying his final words. Victor’s demise reunited his family as every member came together to mourn him. And to ensure nobody doubted his staged death, Dr.

Nate came forward to confirm the tragic news. However, he forgot to show Victor’s body, hence causing a myriad of speculations among fans. Perhaps, Dr. Nate is hiding something.

Victor Newman’s Wildest Dreams

There are a whole lot of rumors as to why Victor might have chosen to fake his death. Soap Dirt indicates that he was really obsessed with the idea of punishing his son, Adam Newman.

Nevertheless, there seem to be other reasons as to why Victor would decide to end his life. Maybe he just wanted to fix his family?

Newman’s family has had its fair share of problems. It appears that Victor was hoping to settle all those issues by faking his own death. Remember, one of his greatest worries was Nikki, a perennial alcoholic.

Regardless of whatever is going on in his family, Victor is still determined to unite it and have all differences settled. Unfortunately, his dream of achieving one united and happy family will not be an easy task. He will need a lot more than just faking his own death. Perhaps he will need to own up to his antics, possibly his confession will keep Nikki away from the bottle. For now, nothing seems to be clear to the fans, hence they will have to wait for subsequent episodes to find out what happens. In the meantime, check out the latest news and spoilers on "The Young and the Restless" to know what is coming up soon.