''Days Of Our Lives'' (''DOOL'') episodes next week aired on NBC are full of news. According to Soap Dirt, Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) will prepare a memory serum for Jack Deveraux. His mind won't be empty anymore, what will it remember as disturbing? Nicole and Kristen DiMera will finally meet and it will be a scene full of suspense. In addition, Vivian (Robin Strasser) will go to the hospital, ready to kill Kate.

Lucas returns in 'Days of Our Lives' episodes

''Days of Our Lives'' rumors over next two weeks tell us that Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) will be back in Salem.

In addition, according to the latest rumors from Soap Dirt, two girls with mental health problems will also return. In previous episodes of ''DOOL'', Eric finally reunited with Nicole, who was in Chicago. Kristen DiMera's evil plan to destroy Nicole (Arianne Zucker) failed. It seems therefore that the ''Ericole'' is, again, ready to build their happiness together with Holly.

However, Nicole and Eric's happiness will cause Sarah pain if this situation creates big problems for Sarah, who will almost certainly have to give up her great love. Fans know, however, that Sarah is pregnant and that this unexpected backstage may create obstacles and problems for Eric and Nicole. Other weekly ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors tell us that Nicole will want to meet her enemy who stole her identity, Kristen DiMera.

What will happen between the two women?

Vivian wants to kill Kate at hospital

In next episodes of ''DOOL'' Lucas will return to Salem and start an interesting storyline. In the official promo video, released by NBC, you can see Lucas afflicted after Kayla told him the terrible news. Lucas then sought comfort in someone.

As the fans know, Julie and Kate Roberts are hospitalized, in serious condition, in intensive care.

According to Tv Source Magazine, Kate will survive the shooting and, at first, she will seem to recover. However, Vivian (Robin Strasser), eager to determine the job, will return to her ready to kill Kate.

Jack will take the serum of memory

In the weekly episodes of ''Days of Our Lives,'' broadcast from September 9-13, on NBC, we will see Jordan in action.

Jordan will have scenes with Claire, who spent some time in a mental rehabilitation clinic. In addition, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) will work, day and night, to prepare a memory serum that will serve for Jack Devereux. It seems that Jack will have some really disturbing memories that could change the plots of the soap opera. We just have to wait for the next ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes to find out what will happen in the turbulent Salem. Stay tuned.