''Days Of Our Lives'' spoiler from October 21 to November 1 promise great twists and turns. We can reveal what will happen in the episodes on the air on NBC thanks to the video released by the official network and the news of Tv Guide. Rafe, after the birthday party organized by Jordan, is in serious condition. Someone poisoned the desserts. The portrait of Stefan mysteriously disappears, who must have stolen it? Suspicions focus on Hope. There will also be romantic scenes, including two proposals for marriage that will make fans happy about the soap opera broadcast on NBC.

Gabi, the protagonist, is determined to knock down Lani, and Gabi, in this regard, asks Lani to abandon his man at the altar.

'Days of Our Lives' Monday, October 21 and Tuesday, October 22

According to Tv Guide, in ''Days of Our Lives'' weekly episodes, Brady and Kristen are excited to hear their child's heartbeat. The wicked DiMera has succeeded in her plan. Eve receives Jack's visit. Donovan is surprised because Jack asks her for a divorce. Jennifer wants to discover the secrets of Wilhelm Rolf by accessing her flash drive. The doctor, however, notices her presence and threatens her.

''Days of Our Lives" spoiler October 22, reveal that Stefan's portrait disappears into thin air. Hope is behaving suspiciously, will it be you who committed the theft?

In the soap, we will also see several romantic scenes.

'DOOL' spoiler 23 and 24 October: Kristen has pregnancy complications?

''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as Tv Guide writes, tell us that Adrienne receives a proposal for marriage from Justin. It's not the only romantic proposal of the week. In the next episodes, we'll see Jack asking Jennifer to return to being his wife.

Gabi is devastated by Stefan's grief and can't recover. Will and Sonny try to console her, but unnecessarily.

In the weekly episodes of ''Days of Our Lives,'' there will be the funeral of Stefan DiMera. His whole family is reunited in pain. Gabi, in tears, swears to carry on his revenge against Lani. Kristen is not feeling well and fears that there will be complications for her pregnancy.

Jordan prepares a birthday party for her son but poisons sweets for a particular person, who will it be?

Gabi wants to destroy Lani

Other spoilers say that Jordan will make poisoned sweets for Ciara. However, something goes wrong, and the baked dessert ends up in Rafe's plate, who feels terrible shortly afterward. Rafe collapses and needs immediate medical attention. Ben and Ciara then have a heated confrontation. JJ Deveraux also gets into trouble, what happens to him?

Jordan is determined to destroy Ciara. In this regard, it drives Claire crazy while they are at Bayview. Gabi is desperate and decided to take revenge on Lani, tells her to abandon her promised husband. Lani, before getting married, takes Gabi to forgive her and not ask her to do this. Will Gabi listen to her? Stay tuned for next ''Days of Our Lives'' spoiler.