Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Ashton Arbib, who portrays Dev on "General Hospital" has just wrapped up a primetime project. This is good news for fans of the teen who is a recent addition to the Port Charles action. Josslyn's friend Trina is crushing on him and enlisting Cameron Weber's help in getting the young man from Turkey, to notice her. This leaves the door open for Joss and Cam to eventually become more than friends after she has grieved for Oscar. The teens have a lot of obstacles that could hinder them thanks to the adults in their lives.

It's possible they may overcome them and find true love.

Cameron and Josslyn's family drama will affect all the teens

"General Hospital" rumors from Soap Dirt indicates that Monica Quartermaine will not want Andre Maddox to remove Drew's memories from Franco. Cameron and his mom, Elizabeth, however, are desperate for things to return to normal. This strange family drama will no doubt affect the teen and spill over into the interactions he has with his friends. Josslyn is hiding the secret that Dev is actually from Turkey and not her stepfather Sonny's cousin. This secret could blow up in all their faces but for now, Trina has a crush on Joss's houseguest.

Last week on "General Hospital" Trina admitted to Cam that she is falling for Dev.

She asked her friend's help in getting Devlin to notice her as well. Right now, Dev is simply glad to be a part of the quartet and enjoying life in America. He seems to care about all three of his new friends equally, but that could change in time. As they hang out together Trina's crush may begin falling for her and the friendship Cameron and Joss are enjoying could turn into something more.

Dev and Trina may fall in love

Kudo's to the "General Hospital" writers for setting some boundaries with the teens and not allowing them to endure all the chaos of the adults in Port Charles. Initially, Cameron was going to tell Josslyn he was falling for her but backed off when he found out Oscar was dying. Since the death of Drew and Kim's son, Cam has shown himself to be a very good friend.

Now that Dev has been classified as Sonny's young cousin, and living in the same house as Joss, it's unlikely that the two of them will be romantically involved.

Many "General Hospital " viewers have been in the corner of Joss and Cam from the beginning and would enjoy watching them find their way to true love. Perhaps this was the intention of the writers all along, as they did not let Oscar and Josslyn have a sexual relationship. In the meantime, Trina is falling for Dev and Cameron seems willing to do all he can to help. He knows that if Devlin begins dating Trina, there will be no need to worry about him making moves on Joss. Stay tuned to find out if Devlin will fall in love with Trina, and Joss and Cam will find their way to each other.