Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt rumors are reporting a storyline on "The Bold and the Beautiful" that is sure to stun loyal viewers. Flo's mother will come up with a dastardly plan that is obviously supposed to give her daughter a get out of jail free card. She will find a drunk Ridge passed out at the Bikini Bar and get Danny the bartender to help her take him to her abode. Brooke's husband will walk out on her after an argument and wake up in Shauna's bed. He will only have Ms.Fulton's version of how he got there and she could blackmail him into seeing that her daughter is released from prison and not prosecuted.

Shauna makes her move on Ridge

Ever since it was revealed that Thomas played a role in keeping the baby swap a secret, his father and stepmother have been having problems. Thing escalated on "B&B" after Brooke shoved her stepson over a cliff. Ridge believes his spouse should forgive his son because Thomas did not tell detective Sanchez that Brooke pushed him. Hop's mom continues to defend her daughter and her actions and is angry that her husband does not see how dangerous his son really is.

"B&B" rumors say that "Bridge" will have an argument this week related to Thomas that will cause Ridge to walk out on his wife. He will go to Bikini Bar and get so drunk that he passes out. Shauna will see him and obviously formulate a plan that benefits her daughter.

She will get Danny the bartender to assist her in getting the drunk dressmaker out of the bar and into her bedroom. It's not clear where Ms. Fulton has been residing since her daughter's actions were made public. Previously she was living in the Forrester mansion.

Ridge and Brooke might be over

Not long ago on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Katie had Shauna to try to seduce Dollar Bill, only he did not go for it.

This may be where she gets the idea to set Ridge up. If Brooke's husband is passed out drunk he will not remember anything the next morning. If Shauna tells him they slept together and he believes her, she will have leverage where her daughter is concerned. On Friday Ridge promised Thomas that he would help him and now Flo may benefit as well.

"B&B" rumors have reported that Ridge is going to make sure that both Thomas and Flo go free and remain off of the radar of Detective Sanchez. This will certainly send Brooke, Hope, and Liam into a panic because along with Dollar Bill they believe the Forrester heir should pay for his crimes. Bill has suggested that Brooke help him uncover the truth about her stepson and Emma's death, so both she and her spouse will have secrets they are keeping from one another. This could be the end of the "Bridge" marriage and send Brooke running back to Bill.