''90 Day Fiancé'' latest news reveals that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith split for the third time. The couple starring in the show broadcast on TLC never really found peace. The first time, Ashley discovered that Jay had cheated by talking to girls on a dating app. We saw her walk out the Tell-All over that. Later further cheating allegations saw her boot him out of the house.

She filed divorce papers twice. The second time came after he had an intimate encounter at the barbershop. She later acted really happy when Jay got arrested and detained by ICE.

By then he was well out of her life and took up with a woman called Kayla who started his Go Fund Me to get him legal help. Leaving the detention center, we saw Kayla rush over and give him a huge hug. But Kayla broke up with Jay recently.

Jay and Ashley get together again but split over pregnancy

Ashley Martson wrote on her IG account that she and Jay started talking again and actually got back together. But it never lasted very long. She shared a post of their original wedding and noted, "I am frustrated and disappointed to reveal we got back together recently. And we have now split again and the reason is truly shocking and shows repetitive behavior. The #LinkInBio has the entire story and my full statement."

The link goes to InTouch Weekly who very often carry exclusive statements by "90 Day Fiance" fans.

The site's quite reliable. In fact, other bigger outlets like E! News also carried the story in the wake of their report. Ashley Martson told InTouch Weekly, "I know people will judge me and, while I can accept that, it was ultimately my decision.” Allegedly, a friend told her that Jay got another woman pregnant.

Now, Ashley believes that's the truth, so Ashley says "it’s clear" the ''90 Day Fiancé'' star Jay Smith "cheated on me."

Jay does not believe the news of the pregnancy but will do the paternity test

In her interview, Ashley added that Jay does not believe he fathered a child but will "get tests done." Ashley pointed out, however, that whatever the result of the paternity test, she won't forgive her husband, as he cheated on her.

"I'm upset again, and I'm picking up the pieces," Ashley added, disappointed. Once again, Ashley Martson tried to trust Jay and was deeply disappointed. It's certainly not the first time the young Jamaican has cheated on her.

On Ashley's Instagram profile, there are many comments from fans of ''90 Day Fiancé'' who are on her side and beg her not to believe Smith anymore. How will it end between Ashley and her Jamaican husband? Recall they actually never finalized any divorce yet. Stay tuned for more news on the TLC show and ''90 Day Fiancé'' spoilers for the new season, which will start in November.