"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Nicole Nafziger and Azan won't be on any seasons of the show, at least for the foreseeable future. Their long-running, nearly four-year mega-failure to ever marry annoyed TLC fans. Soap Dirt and other news outlets reported that she returned to Starbucks to work. She last worked there in 2017, as far as fans can ascertain.

Soap Dirt noted, "A recent photo circulating online shows 90 Day Fiance alum Nicole Nafziger employed at Starbucks. Nicole is decked out in work clothes – complete with a headset. It’s clear she is working at the popular coffee chain." That certainly won't pay for the upkeep of Azan over in Morocco, but she got what a fan termed a "genius" suggestion from fellow "90 Day Fiance" alum, Jon Walters.

It involves YouTube, and fans agree it might "actually work," given critics and unwanted advisors that dog her Instagram constantly.

Jon Walters of '90 Day Fiance' fans steps in, makes 'genius' suggestion

Actually, Jon Walters picked up a lot of hate when he and his wife Rachel featured on the show. These days, possibly because he knows how it is to get trolled, he often intercedes on other "90 Day Fiance" social media accounts. And, let's face it, Nicole garnered possibly hundreds of thousands of haters who commented on her social media over the years. When it comes to unwanted advice from both trollers and people who genuinely feel she needs guidance, maybe even millions of comments went her way.

Taking to Instagram two days ago, Nicole shared a photo of herself looking pretty. Actually, she is pretty, although people get in her face a bit about her weight. She captioned it with, "Only experience helps you get through life." Almost immediately, a troll popped the question about a rather ugly rumor that arose that TLC fired her for alleged violence against Azan.

Flipping that off patiently, she said it was not true. In fact, some fans agreed her go-nowhere storyline probably accounts or TLC dropping them. But then Jon stepped in and offered some advice on income to his "90 Day Fiance" co-star.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' agree Jon's advice about income on YT could work

As Nicole gets so much advice, unwanted and otherwise, Jon posted, "Nicole - start a YouTube channel and ask for relationships advice via the super chat option.

- they would have to pay $2 [to] bestow their best advice on you. You’ll be a millionaire." Immediately, @dommiec2 picked up on his suggestion. She replied saying, "@jonjwalters omg you’re a f*cking genius. People would pay too, lol."

The "90 Day Fiance" fan also noted, "He has a great point. You have to listen to people’s sh*t anyway. Charge for them to Give advice on your relationship or to be able to say exactly what they think about it." They added, "people would pay $2 to say that and keep it to only your relationship, rules are no insults, etc. you’d make a killing!"

Other fans react to the '90 Day Fiance' suggestion for Nicole

Other fans also reacted positively to the idea. @anne_larsen1 also agreed, "@jonjwalters you are genius!

I feel so strong for Nicole, she has been harassed so many times, people are more mean to her [than] to other women in the show, it has been terrible to see...I am glad she is out of this madness." They added, "she is young and I think about what the cruelty does to her mind... some people are unbelievable in their comments, attack her like sharks."

Meanwhile, "90 Day Fiance" fan @rjsifuentes98 also agreed it was very good advice. They shared, "@jonjwalters I agree!! Thank you for being a Gentleman and not just another a**hole!! I have raised my son to be a Leader and not a follower, too many followers in this world already!! I hope Nicole takes your advice she’s a very kind sweet person that people take advantage of."

How does the YouTube Super Chat feature work?

Basically, the feature that arrived in 2017 means YouTube gives creators a way to earn money.

Super Chat lets viewers pay money. This means they can pin a comment on any livestream. Content Career noted, "Super Chat payments can range between $1 and $500 each. YouTube takes 30% of the revenue."

What do you think about Jon Walters income earner suggestion on YT for Nicole Nafziger? Do you think it could actually work for her? Do you agree it's a rather genius recommendation considering these days she's working back at Starbucks?

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