''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) rumors tell us that Kristen DiMera is ready to steal Sarah's baby, thanks to the help of crazy Dr. Rolf. Will there be another baby swap in Salem? According to Soap Dirt, Lucas will be forced to make a terrifying choice. Julie and Kate Roberts are about to die, but the life of one of them depends on Lucas' decision. Will Horton will become suspicious after hearing strange tales about Kate and Vivia? Will asks Gabi how things really are and, in particular, if Vivian is responsible for the shooting of Kate. Gabi will have to deal with a very difficult situation in next ''DOOL'' episodes on NBC.

Although she can't stand Vivian, she won't lie. Will would not like to know that it was Vivian who shot her. Will Gabi choose not to make Stefan suffer or to tell the truth?

Days of Our Lives': Kate DiMera's dark plan, a new baby swap

In the next ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes there will be a strange encounter between Kristen and Wilhelm Rolph. DiMera has in mind an absurd plan that only a mad scientist could accept to put into practice. Crazy Kristen wants to steal another pregnant woman's baby. In this regard, Kristen will once again ask for Xander's help. According to Soap Dirt, the child on which Kristen has put her eyes is that of Sarah.

As we know, Sarah is not sure if she will continue the pregnancy.

Xander is supporting her emotionally, so it's hard for him to agree to ally with Kristen. Other "DOOL" rumors say that Julie will be in very bad shape. The woman understands that her time is running out and she will want to fix things. To collect her last will she will ask for the help of Maggie.

Jack finds Jennifer in next 'DOOL' episodes on NBC

"Days of Our Lives" episodes will see Julie now hopeless. Then continue Jack's attempts to find Jennifer, who is still being held hostage by her kidnappers. There will be a twist, as Jack will manage to reach Dr. Henry's laboratory and will be on the verge of saving Jennifer.

On Friday 27 September there will be an episode not to be missed. Lucas Horton will have to make a choice that will change his life forever. Unfortunately, Kate Roberts has been left too long without oxygen in her brain. So, the doctors have declared her brain dead. She will never recover again. Julie is also hospitalized in the same hospital and, in order to be saved, she must get a heart transplant. Lucas Horton will think of donating Kate's heart to Julie. What will Horton decide to do? After all, Kate will never survive the shooting and therefore could be useful for the salvation of another woman. What if Kate Roberts wakes up? Stay tuned for next ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers and rumors.