Kim Nero sleeping with Franco who believes he is Drew will have some long-lasting consequences on "General Hospital." 'Charlie' has been patient with Dr. Nero but this will probably be where he draws the line. The rumor mill indicates that her actions are going to send Julian back to the dark side and possibly into the arms of Alexis. On Wednesday, Liz slapped Kim and accused her of taking advantage of the situation. Later, when Dr. Nero and her version of Drew were about to leave Port Charles, Elizabeth had him grabbed by two men who looked to be from the psych ward.

One of them injected Franco in the arm and knocked him out. From this point, everything could get pretty ugly.

Julian Jerome is in for a shock

Kim's desire to have another child was so strong that she begged Julian Jerome to impregnate her. When he refused she drugged Drew but could not go through with sleeping with him. Now she has crossed the line by going to bed with Elizabeth's husband. "General Hospital" rumors indicate that when "Charlie" finds out it will both shock and change him. He has been trying to be the man that Kim wants him to be and she has repaid him by cheating with another woman's spouse.

The "General Hospital" rumor mill points out that Alexis admitted to her former husband that while she is pleased with his new and improved persona, a part of her misses the dangerous version of Julian Jerome.

If he returns to his former ways, Ms. Davis may be unable to resist him and he may just give in to the passion between them. "Jim" simply does not have the heat that "Julexis" does and Neil is is just plain boring. In addition, Alexis seems to be trying too hard with her former shrink.

Kim may leave Port Charles alone

Earlier "General Hospital" rumors suggested that at some point Franco would indeed get his own memories back which means he will no longer believe he loves Dr.

Nero. If Julian Jerome dumps her she will be out in the cold. She has resigned from her position at the hospital, the real Drew is presumed dead, and Oscar actually has passed away. There really would be nothing at this point to keep Kim in Port Charles. The shame of sleeping with Franco and betraying Liz may also be a factor in her leaving town.

"General Hospital" rumors don't say exactly how Julian Jerome returns to the dark side, but he recently refused to kill Obrecht for Brad. he may change his mind about Liesl or do something else dastardly to keep the Wiley secret from coming to light. Perhaps he may do something to get even with Kim and or Franco. It sounds like some exciting scenes are coming up so be sure to keep up with the Port Charles action by tuning in weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM.