"Teen Mom 2" fans heard that Jenelle Evans was pregnant again, and of course, rumors flew around the internet. It mostly got fueled by her, as she shared one of those clickbait-style photos with the link to the bio. It was not her ultra-scan in the picture and not her baby. Initially, fans thought it was her, as she was “so excited to share.” Now, she confirms she is not pregnant. In a Q&A on her Instagram Stories Thursday night, she also said she doesn't know if she will ever work for MTV again.

Jenelle Evans talks about pregnancy and health issues

Jenelle answered a few questions on her Instagram about ducks and other homestead things. If you think Jenelle is universally hated, you'd be wrong as it looks like many people still love her. So, some kind words of encouragement came her way. On the questions about her pregnancy and her health, Jennelle gave out a bit of information. it looks like it kills the pregnancy rumors dead. Bear in mind, that in April, People reported she opted to have her tubes tied. So, it was not likely she got pregnant. Also, she apparently suffers some health issues.

A "Teen Mom 2" fan asked, "Do you want this baby to be a girl or a boy? (if you're actually pregnant and it's not a rumor)." Jenelle answered, saying, "Not pregnant," And, it looks like she's not planning any more babies anyway.

Another fan asked her if she and David plan to have another child." But Jenelle said, "Nope, we are good with what we have." Well, fans who fear for her children should be able to breathe a bit more freely after that conversation. On her health issues, she mentioned to another fan that she can't fly overseas right now, as she has "medical problems at the moment that prevent [her] from flying."

Working for MTV and production crew for 'Teen Mom 2'

Fans probably don't need reminding that Jenelle Evans got herself fired by MTV after David allegedly shot and killed their dog Nugget.

Of course, the fallout from that saw an investigation into the death of the dog, and the kids were removed from her custody for a while. Jenelle does have some fans who say they'll never watch the MTV show again unless they bring Jenelle back. So, once again, not all "teen Mom 2" fans hate the idea of a return to the show.

One fan asked, "Do you keep in contact with any of the MTV crew, like your producer or cameraman?" Jenelle said that she does not.

Another asked, "Are you ever coming back to MTV? Literally won't watch TM2 if you're not on it." Jenelle said, "Lol, thanks but honestly have no idea." Mind you, even if there were any contact or talks going on, then it's not likely she'd be able to say anything anyway. Also, while fans of the show would love to see Barbara and Jace again, few of them would take to the idea of Jenelle, judging by the hate on her social media.

Why do 'Teen Mom' fans get so angry on Jenelle's social media?

News came from the Sheriff's office that they believed the dog-killing was a publicity stunt.

Of course, Jennelle denied that, suggesting that the cops were looking for publicity. But whatever happened, the incident involved a little dog. Animal lovers often tolerate certain levels of poor parenting to kids, but don't stand for animal abuse. If this was a stunt, or not, is irrespective to them. An animal is dead, hurt, or missing. They won't let that go lightly. Which is one reason she gets so much hate. Yahoo mentioned her latest Instagram post that showed a picture of Ensley and David with some chickens. Fans of "Teen Mom" can't get over how she continues to post up photos of animals after the massive incident that blew her job out the window.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans denying rumors that she's pregnant?

After all, her post actually added fuel to the fire. Are you one of what seems to be a handful of fans who would like to see her back on the MTV show?

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