Legacies” is the most recent addition in the world of “The Vampire Diaries” and its spin-off “The Originals.” Hope Mikaelson is the tribrid daughter of Hayley and Klaus who went on to study at Alaric's school for the supernatural. The new series is set at the boarding school in the town of Mystic Falls, which is the primary setting of its predecessor, and is where everyone's favorite love triangle took place. Season one was full of twists and turns that kept fans guessing until the heartbreaking end. The show sets itself apart from its precessors with its eccentric tone which includes mind-altering bugs spread by a unicorn, a gorgon, and a dragon.

The first season of "Legacies" explores several changes for the characters. MG's relationship with his mom was severed while his friendship with Kaleb deepened and his blood lust went out of control, which resulted in death. He even got to meet a lovely gorgon who will not be returning for the new season.

Hope opened up her heart to Landon only to give up her life to stop the arrival of Malivore though she did fix her relationship with Lizzie and Josie. Landon discovered he's the son of Malivore and his supernatural identity is a phoenix. Lizzie and Josie went through several sister fights before ultimately getting their feelings out in the open while also finding time to struggle with romantic entanglements.

Rafael found closure over the death of his girlfriend, had a brief relationship with Lizzie, and struggled with feelings for his best friend's girlfriend.

New characters set for the upcoming season

New characters have already been announced for the upcoming season. Thomas Doherty is on board as a vampire that has old ideas and is teased by the CW as having views that might be something Lizzie will be into.

The character is teased by Julie Plec who tells TV Guide that he's someone that got desiccated in the 15th century as a seventeen-year-old and is now awake in the 21st century to find that he may not necessarily fit in with the modern world.

Alexis Denisof (fan-favorite actor from “Buffy,” “Angel,” and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”) has been announced to be appearing on “Legacies." The CW describes the character as the urbane British sorcerer Professor Vardemus who is a bit of a dandy and will have no trouble winning students over with his troubling belief that their world of the supernatural is superior.

The new season will also find a brother and sister duo that both will have crushes on Hope.

Kaleb has been confirmed to be seen early in the new season but it's been confirmed by Julie Plec that Penelope won't be around, at least for a while, which means Josie has to reluctantly move on with her life. In addition to familiar characters, “Legacies” has been weaving a few fan favorites into the plot since the first episode with Jeremy and Matt both appearing in season one.

Plec shares with TV Guide that it's possible the Originals could be popping up in "Legacies" season two and goes onto explain that though she doesn't know who might be showing up, the way Hope's story is going links back to Hope's family and is something that will need to be addressed.

Pedro's little brother will also be showing up during the season and will be played by actor Reznor Allen's real-life brother.

A world without Hope

Kaylee Brant shares with TVLine that she doesn't feel like Josie would be victorious if the twins were to merge, because she wouldn't want to win while Jenny Boyd adds that it'd be a close battle. Danielle Rose Russell teases with TVLine that with Hope gone this opens up new dynamics to explore and hints at how they get to experiment a little before everyone remembers Hope. Landon and Hope's romance following the mind wipe that made everyone forget her remains to be unknown though Aria Shahghasemi shares during Comic-Con that Landon will be lost.

Julie Plec shares with TV Guide that what happened to Hope will be immediately addressed and will be how the season will begin which officially confirms that Hope isn't dead.

The young Mikaelson will quickly realize she's alive and trapped, which will set her on a journey to figure out how to get herself out of Malivore.

The executive producer also teases that Hope won't be trapped alone as she'll find herself stuck with Clarke (who is a son of Malivore) and that Malivore will continue to be a threat in the new season. During Comic-Con, EP Brett Matthews informs fans that the world won't be like when Lizzie wished Hope away instead the show will explore the influence and impact Hope had and how is for everyone now that no one remembers she existed.

Julie Plec tells TV Guide that Josie and Lizzie will be taking some time apart over the summer. Josie will be researching more about the Gemini Coven and her time away from her twin will open up her to exploring new friendships and possibly some new romance.

Lizzie will be with Caroline in Europe which Plec says it's fun to think of the two doing some therapy and checking out all the hot boy hot spots.

The new season will also feature a Christmas episode which Brett Matthews teases will feature an evil monster version of Santa which won't be sitting well with MG who has trouble with his friends plotting to kill Santa. MG who had a huge crush on Lizzie and failed all season to catch her eye will finally be moving on this season.

Matt Davis teases during Comic-Con that Alaric will have some resentment about no longer being headmaster at the school and that he'll be looking for a new teaching job. Alaric will also be getting a new love interest with the introduction of Sheriff Mac though with his history of relationships who knows if this will go well.

Rafael will be spending the summer stuck as a wolf since Hope wasn't around to bring him back, and this time alone will have a deep impact on him when he does return. The new season is set to premiere on October 10 and is expected to have twenty episodes.