"Teen Mom 2" fans heard that Jenelle Evans got fired by MTV after the incident involving the alleged killing of Nugget the dog by David Eason. Since then the sheriff's department said it was just a "publicity stunt," and Jenelle denies that. Anyway, she lost custody of the kids briefly, until a court dismissed the charges of them being bad parents. Now, reunited with her kids, she took to Twitter to insist she's a good mom.

However, she never had full custody of her son Jace, who her mom raised since he was a baby.

When fans heard Jenelle got fired, little sympathy went her way. However, fans hoped MTV would still find a way to feature her mom Barb and her son Jace. Now, it seems not to be the case. Barbara posted a rather sad Instagram photo up, noting it would be the last Reunion for them with the show.

Barabara posts about last 'Teen Mom 2' reunion

Over on her Instagram, early Friday, July 19, Barbara shared a photo of Jace. The photo showed Jace sitting against a window in a high-rise overlooking the streets. Barbara captioned it with, "Jace NYC Our last Reunion Show." It's the "crying emoji" that's a tear-jerker for fans of Barb. Fans reacted straight away. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @hol**: "I'm so sorry how everything turned out for you Barbara."
  • @mis**: "Whatever you do barb never give this precious little boy to his mom...He’s thriving with you."
  • @ker**: "Can’t you film on your own with Jace?"
  • @six**: "Glad you went! Sorry for all the trauma Jace has been through this year."
  • @tvd**: "I hope MTV brings you back. You were my favorite to watch!!!"
  • @kit**: "So sorry... but hopefully you & he will be fine together."

Of course, some people want Barbs and Jace to remain on "Teen Mom 2," but really, the show is about teen moms.

It was always mainly Jenelle's story. Mind you, a spinoff with grandparents raising children's not a bad idea for TLC to think about.

Barbara loses income because David Eason behaved badly

It seems cruel and unfair that David Eason behaved badly, and Barbara pays the price with some of her income. What's done is done though, and it's unlikely MTV will ever bring Jenelle back on the show.

Plus, Barbara may have her hands full, as Jenelle's talking on her social media about getting full custody of Jace as well. If that does start becoming more than talk, then Barbs may have a fight on her hands to keep Jace at all.

Many "Teen Mom 2" fans expressed their sadness on the Instagram post by Barbara. They asked her to please keep on sharing about Jace's journey through life.

The lovely little boy's growing up now, and fans want to see his progress. Plus, lots of them are fans of Barbara rather than Jenelle. Some fans hopefully think that MTV will at least continue to do small updates on Barb and Jace, rather than dropping them altogether.

What do you think about the fact that Barbara loses income now Janelle's off the show? Are you sad to see her post about their last Reunion? Do you wish there was some way that MTV could keep Barbs and Jenelle Evan's son Jace on the show?

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