“The Young and the Restless” is bringing a new character to Genoa City who might destroy Kola for good. Anna Grace Barlow has been hired as Zoe, a woman from Kyle’s past in New York. Theo will bring her to town in hopes she will remind Kyle of his party days and/or break up his relationship with Lola. Ms. Barlow will only be in a few episodes of the CBS daytime drama, but that may be all the time it takes to interfere with Kola. Fans of Skyle may see this as an opportunity for Summer to get her man back, but things won’t be quite that simple. Viewers who love Lola will be disappointed if the wedding is called off for good.

Zoe brings trouble to ‘Y&R’

Theo told Lola that Kyle was a party boy while in the Big Apple. He later teased his friend by saying that whatever happens in New York, stays in New York. On Monday Mr. Vanderway mentioned the name Zoe to Kyle and Celeb Dirty Laundry now reveals she is on her way to Genoa City. Celebrity Confidential says Anna Grace Barlow will portray the mystery woman in Kyle’s life. Nothing has been revealed as to the nature of the relationship with Lola’s fiancé and this woman but based on the way Kyle is acting, it must be pretty bad.

While in New York, Kyle may have gotten drunk and harassed this young woman, or even forced himself on her. Perhaps he gave her drugs that made her unable to defend herself.

Dummer’s ex could have gotten Zoe pregnant and forced her to have an abortion. Whatever happened between them, Theo is in on it and willing to use the situation to his advantage. Recently on “The Young and the Restless” Mr. Vanderway has been hanging out with Summer and is angry that Kyle wants to leave his party-animal ways behind.

He told Lola just enough about New York to have her asking questions.

‘Y&R’ May reunite Kyle and Summer

When Kyle found out what his friend was up to with his fiancé, he told Theo that they were done for good. Mr. Vanderway, however, is definitely not finished with Jack Abbott’s son. Spoilers suggest that Lola will end her engagement because of Lola and this may open a door for a Skyle reunion at some point.

In the immediate future Kyle will grieve for his lost love and no doubt seek revenge on Theo. “Y&R” is bringing in spoilers but they don’t detail what Zoe does when she comes to town.

Initially, spoilers said Summer would do something crazy to stop the wedding but she made nice with Lola. Next Celeste Cane came to town and rumors were. flying that she would interrupt the nuptials, but she went back to Florida. Now “Y&R” is bringing in Anna Grace Barlow as Zoe to mess things up. After the dust settles and Theo is long gone, Skola could decide they are right for each other, so stay tuned to find out what happens.