Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jeremy better known from TLC's "Counting On" TV show made a surprise announcement. Jeremy posted late Thursday night that he and Jinger trained with "Idol" finalist cade Foehner and others. So, they'll audition for "American Idol" 2020. Plus, their audition allegedly features their gorgeous little girl, Felicity. However, fans think its all just a joke.

'American Idol'- 'Counting On' rumored crossover by Jeremy and Jinger Duggar Vuolo

Fans of the "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" shows know the Duggars love music. Jeremy and Jinger Duggar passed this love for music onto their daughter Felicity Vuolo.

In fact, TLC showed the video of Felicity's first music appreciation class. (You can see the video further down in this article). Meanwhile, it seems the couple supposedly kept their fans from a secret, and now Jeremy revealed what that is on his Instagram late Thursday night. However, many people disbelieve him.

Although filming for the next season of "Counting On's" recently taken place, they allegedly found the time to get some singing training from Cade Foehner. Plus, he mentioned Gabby Barrett, another "American Idol" alum. If you think Jeremy's joking around, you can see where Gaby actually shared the same photo that Jeremy posted up. However, she never mentioned any "American Idol" training.' She wrote, "Such a wonderful week, with these lovely people.

So blessed to have their friendship! Cade & I love you guys!" So, that's dodgy for a start. However, Cade reacted to Jeremy's post, saying, "So happy we were able to be a part of your journey to be an Idol... But seriously, let’s be honest Gabby was the one teaching all of us to sing." Hmmm. Fan still don't believe it.

Details of the 'American Idol' audition from Jeremy a joke?

In the Instagram post which shows little Felicity, Gaby, Jinger, Jeremy, and Cade, he talked about the alleged audition for the show. He captioned it with, "I think it’s time we are honest with all of you: @cadefoehner and @gabbybarrett_have been giving me and @jingervuolo voice lessons for our 2020 @americanidol audition."

Elaborating further, Jeremy explained that they'll perform as a "folk-jazz duet." Additionally, their daughter Felicity makes "an appearance on the clarinet." Well, the bit about Felicity paying a difficult instrument like the clarinet certainly got fans disbelieving the entire story.

Jeremy also notes that he feels "better" after letting their "Counting On" fans "know." Well, that certainly came out of the blue, and fans already clamor for recordings of their audition. However, most of them just think Jeremy's showing his "sense of humor."

Felicity, Jeremy, and Jinger relocated to LA, huge life changes

Fans of "Counting On" know that Jeremy and Jinger relocated to Los Angeles. They both share many photos of the huge changes in their lives in the big city. Jinger dyed her hair blond, Felicity enjoys exploring around town and Jeremy's studying. Already in show-biz via the Reality TV channel, it looks like they set their sights a little higher with their alleged audition for "American Idol.

" But did they really?

"American Idol's" put out lots of recent adverts calling for various towns and states to attend their auditions. Anyone can try out for the talent show. While many people do, it just seems a bit of a shocker that members of the Duggar family try out for it. And, most people believe it never really happened. Really, this seems like something out of the left-field that nobody expected. Here's what some people said about it:

  • @danisnow08: "I would have totally believed this had you not said felicity was playing clarinet.... haha."
  • @bunnyaimee: "I know this a joke but a little part of me wants to see that."
  • @sfmeeks: "Awww that sense of humor makes an appearance! You all are too fabulous!"

What do you think about Jinger Duggar Vuolo, Jeremy, and Felicity allegedly featuring in the "American Idol" 2020 audition?

Do you think it's for real? Or, like so many followers, do you think it's all a big joke?

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