"Counting On" fans heard that Jinger Vuolo, Jeremy, and baby Felicity relocated to Los Angeles recently. In fact, we should see their move on an upcoming season of the TLC show. California looks well on Jinger, as does her loving relationship with her husband. Unable to contain herself, she took to Instagram late Tuesday and penned a beautiful tribute to him. It seems that Jinger's definitely blessed in so many ways with her marriage and her little girl.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's move to LA filmed for 'Counting on'

Fans of the TLC show tagged Jinger and Jeremy as their favorite couple and that spiked after the birth of Felicity.

Their charming little girl brings a smile to multitudes of fans every time they up photos and vids of her on Instagram. In particular, Felicity seems happy out and about doing all those things you do in LA. Jeremy and Jinger got filmed during their move, so we know we'll see that on the show. Felicity was too sweet during the move. Jeremy shared some clips of her riding on the suitcase at every stop along the way.

Now, as they explore LA, they shared many more photos of their daily life. On weekends we see them attending church and during the week exploring the shops. Of course, we also see them outdoors, just loving the California weather. The couple looks happy, and it's clear that they remain devoted to the church rather than the hi-jinks the big city offers.

Anyway, "Counting On" fans just hope that lots of their journey gets shared on the show. In the meantime, Jinger's so happy and in love, it's like she will burst with joy.

Jinger shares her post about Jeremy and it's beautiful

Over on her Instagram, Jinger shared a photo of her in a light summery dress. Next to her, Jeremy's in his suit and tie, holding baby Felicity.

Meanwhile, Felicity looks cute in her blue and pink striped outfit and narrow white headband. As usual, she's bright as a button, although this time she's not smiling. Mind you, this little "Counting On" girl smiles so much, it's a wonder her cheeks don't ache! In her caption, Jinger wrote, "I love our little family." She noted that "God has been so kind in giving me the most incredible husband in the world!"

For Jinger, she does not "have enough words to describe how much I love & adore him." Actually, Jeremy sounds like the perfect match as she tries to find the words to fit her man, "He is selfless, kind, fun, caring, humorous sensitive, strong, loving, compassionate, always serving his family, and loving Christ supremely." Wow, "Counting On" lucky girl!

After all, not everyone can say the same about their husband.

Jeremy, husband and Father, shares a special bond with Felicity

Talking about Jeremy as a father, Jinger gushed, "I absolutely love watching Jer as he so gently cares for our sweet Felicity. She absolutely adores him. When she woke up this morning, the first word that came out of her mouth was, “Daddy!” Seeing the sweet bond she shares with him, and how she lights up when he enters the room melts me every time. "

As you can imagine, many fans of the Duggar Family and the show commented on it. One on-point comment came from @mailtoaide, who replied, "What a wonderful wife you are to share such uplifting, incredible words about your husband.

He too is extremely blessed to have you by his side on this journey of life and your family brings so much joy, encouragement, and blessing to so many, thank you for sharing your lives with us!"

What do you think about the beautiful tribute that Jinger Vuolo shared about her husband Jeremy? Do you agree that Jinger's blessed in so many ways with her marriage to Jeremy and her baby girl, Felicity?

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