News is coming on ''General Hospital'' (GH) plots of the next episodes. A character, in fact, could return from the kingdom of the dead. It would not be the first time that this happens in the soap opera. Precisely for this reason, it is not surprising there's a possible return of Nikolas Cassadine, played by actor Tyler Christopher. According to the intriguing ''General Hospital'' rumors, the return of Nikolas to Port Charles could be linked to the storyline of Valentin and Nina. Valentin is keeping his shady business standing to protect his relationship and his next marriage.

If Nikolas really returns to Port Charles, it will become his worst nightmare. An interesting hypothesis by Celeb Dirty Laundry sees Nikolas arriving in the city just in time to ruin the marriage of Valentin and Nina. Will it really be like that? Here are all the details.

'General Hospital': is Nikolas alive?

The latest ''General Hospital'' rumors tease that one of the characters believed dead in the soap could return. We're talking about Nikolas Cassadine. According to the news published by Celebrating The Soaps, we do not exclude the possibility that Nikolas is even in Port Charles. The actor, Tyler Christopher has not yet been ready to meet the cast. After all, Nikolas' body has never been found and now the time may have come to give an unexpected turn to this storyline.

Does Cassandra know that Nikolas is alive?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there are good chances for Nikolas' return to Port Charles. In previous ''General Hospital'' episodes, Cassandra was in the company of a strange and mysterious man. Unfortunately, no one has been able to identify him. It seems that the mysterious man is the same man with whom Cassandra left the clinic.

Sure, we can't assume it's Nikolas, but certainly, the coincidences are interesting.

Hayden and Jax might find out the truth about Nikolas

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors suggest that Jax and Hayden will have many clues to discover the truth about Nikolas, despite having other goals at this time. Valentin is keeping Jax and Hayden under control, as he must protect his dirty games.

In addition, Valentin must protect his relationship with Nina. This means that even Liesl, who knows the truth about Sasha, must be neutralized. Will Nikolas become Valentin's nightmare?

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors say that Nikolas is alive and, as if that were not enough, is preparing his revenge. If he returns to Port Charles, Valentin will be in big trouble. It is not excluded that Nikolas may return to the city to blow up the marriage of Nina and Valentin. Fans, of course, would appreciate such an exciting twist. The truth is coming, so stay tuned and don't miss the next ''General Hospital'' spoilers and rumors, as well as the episodes broadcast on ABC.