''General Hospital'' (GH) next episodes broadcast on ABC, ensure twists and turns not to be missed. Shiloh Archer will once again be even more dangerous. The dark head of the DoD, after being humiliated, will plan to kidnap Sam. Jason will immediately take action to try and save Sam, but this time, it won't be easy. Also, Archer wants to impart Drew's dark memories into Jason's mind. This is a dangerous plan, as many secrets would be discovered. However, Shiloh has only one goal, which is to get to the money he believes is due to him. In addition, Kim could leave the city.

After Oscar's death, he no longer has anything to share with Port Charles. Will Drew leave with her? If this hypothesis proves to be true, the ''Julexis'' could have a new and exciting romantic chance and recover their relationship. Kim's future at the "GH" is uncertain, as the rumors of "Celeb Dirty Laundry" reveal.

'General Hospital': Sam kidnapped by Siloh

According to the rumors of ''Celeb Dirty Laundry'', Siloh is planning a very dangerous plan that will involve Sam and Jason. In previous ''GH'' episodes, Jason threatened Archer with staying away from his family, but the head of the DoD did not listen to the warning, proving as arrogant as ever. Sam will once again fall into Shiloh's trap.

Archer's real goal is Jason and, to get to him, he will use Sam.

In the next ''General Hospital'' episodes, Shiloh kidnaps Sam and lures her to a motel. Jason, after realizing her disappearance, will fear the worst and will act immediately to find her safe and sound. Later, fans will see Shiloh lose control. The head of the DoD will be willing to transfer Drew's memories into Jason's mind, to find out where the money that he believes is due is.

Archer won't realize he's taking a wrong step, as his crimes could come to light. However, Jason will do anything to save Sam.

Kim leaves the city in the next 'General Hospital' episodes

Other "General Hospital" rumors say Kim could be leaving the city. If this were to happen, there would be hope for the ''Julexis''. After all, Alexis has always loved Julian, and both of them are related to Sam.

If Kim were to leave the city, Drew could go with her. It is also possible that Drew will finally be able to recover all his memories, giving meaning to his past and thus regaining his love for Kim.

Fans, however, know that the situation is very complicated since, in this storyline, there is also Julian. Apparently, Kim's future at ''GH'' is uncertain.

Moreover, Franco will have to pay attention to the warnings of the psychic, as he could soon find himself in trouble. We specify that the events dealt within this article are rumors.

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