General Hospitalspoilers confirm a promo for Monday, where Liesel accuses Brad of attacking her. Viewers saw him attempt to put a pillow over her face, but if there is evidence he pushed overboard Lulu’s boat, only Obrecht must be aware of it. Both of them know Wiley is not Willow and Shiloh’s child and spoilers say when this truth comes out it will end the relationship between Ms. Tate and Chase. Brad’s lie and Liesel’s complacency will lead to a lot of heartache in Port Charles. Michael Corinthos might be the only person to benefit from this tragic situation as he will get his son back and may also end up with the girl.

Liesel blames Brad

Someone tried to kill Nina’s aunt and Dr. O has been pointing fingers. First, she was certain it was Hayden Barnes but found out that the police believe it was a man. She is now blaming Brad and with good reason. Nina’s aunt’s eyes were closed but somehow she suspects the lab tech. Obrecht either knew Brad came in her hospital room or recognized him from the enlarged photo of the night she was pushed overboard the Haunted Star. “General Hospital” spoilers indicate she will accuse him on Monday.

A preview for the next General Hospital“ episode shows Obrecht upbraiding Brad and saying she believed he is her attacker. Celeb Dirty Laundry confirms the demented doctor believes Mr.

Cooper assaulted her. The two will probably come to some type of agreement as Brad is fearful of losing his son and Liesel might even blackmail him because that’s what she does. Brad allowing Nelle to give him her living child and exchanging the baby for Willow’s dead son will also affect Chase and Willow’s relationship.

Michael May end up with Willow

“General Hospital” spoilers from Soap Dirt tease that once the baby swap is revealed, Michael and Willow will begin to bond. Ms. Tate could desire to remain in Wiley’s life even though he is not her biological child. Chase and the former school teacher recently said I love you to each other but spoilers indicate that the couple could soon break up.

Sasha will be revealed as a fraud and Michael will walk away from her. Detective Chase will no doubt become jealous of the closeness that Willow and Michael enjoy.

When Ms. Tate was first introduced on “General Hospital," she and Michael were in the same support and viewers saw the g ur chemistry. Instead of making a move, Michael stood by and watches Chase sweep Willow off her feet, but he has remained in the picture by helping her to keep Wiley from Shiloh. Earlier spoilers teased that Michael would end up with Willow and Chase with Lulu so stay tuned to find out how it all works out.