"Bachelor in Paradise" sees the return of alum Christian Estrada. US Weekly reminds us that "Estrada competed on season 14 of the ABC dating show ["The Bachelorette"] with Becca Kufrin last year and was eliminated in the first week." On Friday, new reports came out that Ashley Martson of "90 Day Fiance" flirted with him on her Instagram. But, maybe it goes a bit further than that. Actually, call it a coincidence if you like, but it appears they were at the same venue. Both of them shared snaps of exactly the same Jenga game at the same time.

'90 Day Fiance,' 'Bachelor in Paradise' crossover couple?

Ashley Martson's been hinting for a while on her Instagram Stories that there's someone new making her happy. In fact, she said she'd reveal it all sometime next week. But maybe we know who that might be. So far there's only been speculation based on a flirty Instagram Story she posted up on Friday.

US Weekly picked up the story and noted that she shared a photo of Christian Estrada. A heart emoji on it, and a caption, "Blinded from the start," was enough to make people think. Especially, after he shared the same picture on his Instagram Story feed. On Sunday, Marston referred to US Weekly, and said, "I also ate a Big Mac that day - Report That!"

Coincidentally Ashley Martson and Chris Estrada photograph the same Jenga

While the "90 Day Fiance" alum might assume that US Weekly's just digging for a story, they may have a good reason.

After all, I noticed that both Chris of "Bachelor in Paradise" and Martson happened to share short vid clips of the same Jenga game. And, it's really obvious it's at the exact same venue. Funny how both of them shared the photos on their stories at almost the same time.

How much of a coincidence can it be, that Ashley's doing the heart emoji thing, he's sharing it, and it turns out they were at the same venue?

Okay, admittedly lots of other girls were there too and we never saw Ashley in any of Christian's pics. But it's social media-worthy speculation. Mind you, if there's any flirting going on between them, that might not mean they're into anything serious. After all, Chris will soon appear on the new season of "Bachelor In Paradise."

Chris shares about a fight on 'Bachelor In Paradise'

At the end of July, Chris shared a video of a fight which you can see below.

On that, fans asked him if would be on the show and he told them 'yes.' Cinema Blend confirms that Chris features. Now, bear in mind that there are some really beautiful women on that show. Plus, think about the amount of baggage that Ashley Martson drags in her wake, and maybe her chances at a serious relationship are slim.

What do you think about the fact that Ashley Martson shared a loving post with a heart emoji and a flirty message to Christian Estrada, who then reposted it? Do you think the fact they both took the same photo of the same Jenga structure at the same time, at the same venue, and on the same day is a coincidence? How do you rate Ashley's chances with the Mexican banker?

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