"RHOBH" just wrapped up the season and the Reunion was toxic as expected. Termed the "mean girls" this year, the cast saw many Lisa Vanderpump fans furious with them and even Andy Cohen. Things got so bad with the never-ending accusation of the "Puppy Gate" leaks, that Lisa had enough and declared herself out of. Now, Andy Cohen thinks that a new direction's on the cards for the show. At the moment, he feels there's a "powerhouse cast" in the "Real Housewives" show.

Lisa Vanderpump leaves 'RHOBH,' the show will go on says Andy Cohen

On social media, many Team Lisa fans declared they won't watch the show again.

That came because they believe that Lisa brings the only class act to the show. Plus, they hated the way the cast ganged up on her over allegations that she leaked the story to the media about Dorit Kemsley's dog. Let's not beat the drum eternally over the dog that ended up at a shelter, instead of back at Vanderpump Dogs. Suffice to say, the entire season saw a bereaved Lisa, in a bad place emotionally, trying to set the record straight, and nobody believed her.

Even those fans of "RHOBH" who don't like Lisa should be happy to know that a change of direction's probably coming to the show. Actually, for or against the whole Lisa thing, everyone's heartily sick of "Puppy Gate." Yet another season referring to the dog would probably have everyone complaining it's like TLC's "Sister Wives," where Meri Brown's "catfishing" incident never dies a natural death.

With Lisa out, hopefully, that's the end of the dog story. And, despite Team Lisa fans saying it's the end of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," it isn't. Andy Cohen says the show will go on.

Andy Cohen speaks of a 'new direction' for 'RHOBH'

HollywoodLife spoke to Andy about the show now that Lisa Vanderpump's leaving.

Discussing the fact that Lisa's been part and parcel for years now, Andy said, "I think it’ll go in new directions.” He spoke about that as they need to "adapt to a storyline without LVP." Cohen said, “She obviously has been such an integral part of the show since the beginning. There’s no replacing her.” But, "the show will carry on, as this season’s reunion will prove."

It's not like Andy thinks Lisa made the show on her own, as she's not the only star in his book.

He said "we have a team of all-stars on the show. I mean, if you look at that cast, it’s like…It’s a powerhouse group.” While Andy feels Lisa just needs to make the call if she changes her mind, that probably won't happen, so a new direction's probably inevitable. Without her at the reunion, a new dynamic emerged. He terms it, "moved the needle."Andy's "quite excited" to see where it goes in "RHOBH."

'Powerhouse cast' confirmed to get a new player

While nobody feels anyone could possibly 'replace' Lisa on the show, they will look to bring in someone else. Rumors on the Internet suggest Chrissy Teigen. Recently, Bustle threw out five possible names. In their article, they suggested Camille Grammer's an obvious choice.

She's got a history with the show and featured as a 'Friend of the Housewives,' They also threw in the idea of Brandi Glanville reappearing, as we saw her briefly in June.

"Desperate Housewives" alum Nicollette Sheridan's another name they tossed into the pot. Plus, they also toyed with the idea of Kim Richards. Well, that's been dong the social media rounds for a while now, as well. However, apart from Andy once musing that Brandi could get back in if she " wound up legitimately becoming good friends with a few of those [RHOBH] women," he hinted no spoilers on the new cast member of the show.

What do you think about Andy Cohen saying he thinks the show will go in a new direction? After all, fans clamored for that since about 2015.

Do you hope the newcomer to replace Lisa Vanderpump's someone completely new? Or would you prefer to see old alums come back for another shot at changing the dynamic?

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