Latest "General Hospital" rumors say that Liesl Obrecht will be one of the absolute protagonists of the episodes aired the week of July 15 on ABC. The woman has many secrets, capable of upsetting the lives of different characters. Liesl Obrecht is a very special character. She has dark sides but also a good nature, which could take over. Liesl, in guilt, could reveal to Nina the true identity of Wiley's father. According to TVOvermind, Shiloh failed to open the letter containing the DNA test results, so the storyline of the baby swap still no solution.

Will Liesl give an unexpected turn? One problem is that Liesl knows the truth about Sasha, so she would be very embarrassed to reveal the identity of Wiley's real parents to Nina. Liesl is also an unpredictable woman and could be guided by instinct.

Liesl talks with Nina

"General Hospital" rumors say that Dr. Obrecht could have the opportunity to reflect on different situations. At this moment, Liesl is aware of two secrets that, if discovered, would change the fate of different characters. Liesl knows that Nina Reeves is not Sasha's biological mother. In addition, Valentin and Sascha have allied themselves so that this background does not come to light.

In addition, Liesl knows the truth about the "Wiley Cooper-Jones" issue.

Wiley is actually Nelle. At the moment, everyone is certain that Jonah is Wiley. Liesl had no problem keeping her mouth shut, but in the next episodes of "General Hospital," she could be assailed by guilt and confess everything she knows about it. Liesl, however, during the wedding celebrations of Liz and Franco, had drunk too many drinks, letting slip some details on the complicated issue.

Franco will investigate the matter, intrigued by the strange speech of Liesl.

Turn in the 'Wiley Cooper-Jones' baby swap

"General Hospital" rumors for the week of July 15 reveal that Nina and Liesl will have an interesting conversation in the hospital. Nina might reveal to Liesl that Siloh Archer, the terrible leader of the Dod, is actually Wiley's father.

However, Liesl will insinuate doubts, telling Nina that the truth about Wiley's fatherhood might be different. Fans know that Liesl would have trouble telling Nina who Wiley's real parents are, as she is also hiding Sasha's true identity.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Liesl could be the perfect person to solve the riddle Wiley Cooper-Jones. Of course, we're only telling hypotheses and rumors circulating on the web, but definitely interesting for the continuation of the soap opera broadcast on ABC.