"General Hospital" spoilers show that Shiloh will be attacked by Drew at the bar after the head of the DoD has done everything to get his hands on Oscars ELQ actions. Jasper “Jax” Jacks and Nina will have an interesting interaction. Jax will be assailed by doubts and convince himself that Nina is hiding something from him. Stella will have to explain the DNA test kit she ordered online. Also, Lulu will have doubts about her divorce from Dante, probably needing more time to make a final decision about her marriage.

'General Hospital' recap July 19

In the episode of "General Hospital" on Friday, July 19, Shiloh was released from prison thanks to the bail payment by a follower of the DoD. Archer has tried in every way to get his hands on the trust funds of the Dawn of Day, asking for help from Harmony and even Kristina. Not having had what she hoped, Shiloh tried to take the shares of Oscar's ELQ. This infuriated Drew, who promise to get in the way of Shiloh's plans.

Subsequently, Curtis and Jordan travelled to Pentonville to visit Ryan. Jordan unconsciously thanked Ryan for saving her life by giving her the kidney. Aiden spent a pleasant day celebrating her birthday. Nina finally had a conversation with Willow, in which she felt responsible for Shiloh learning the truth about Wiley.

What will happen in the next "General Hospital"?

'General Hospital' rumors: Valentin worried by Sibley

"General Hospital" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Nina and Jacks will have an interesting conversation. Valentin has been exposed by Nina. The woman understood that Valentin wanted to keep Jax under control via Curtis.

Jax will understand that there is something Nina is hiding from him and, most likely, could be linked to Valentin.

Meanwhile, Sibley's psychic premonitions will begin to change several storylines. Ava turned to Sibley for answers from beyond. Valentin, for his part, was shocked by the psychic message about Madeleine and might ask Ava for some more details about the mysterious character of Sibley.

Valentin is afraid that the psychic may discover too many uncomfortable details and will, therefore, consider her a threat.

'General Hospital': Lulu pulls back, Drew attacks Shiloh

Later, in the new episode of "General Hospital" broadcast on ABC on July 22, Alexis and Neil will have the opportunity to speak. Neil will give advice to Alexis, who seems upset by something in his mind. Dante will hand over the divorce papers to Lulu, but she seems to be backing out. Laura will offer support to Lulu, who will need to reflect on what to do. The news of the divorce of Lulu and Dante will amaze Olivia and Sonny, who will not be able to give themselves an explanation.

Other "General Hospital" rumors tease that Jordan will interrogate Stella about the DNA kit she bought online. Finally, inside The Floating Rib, Shiloh will be surprised by Drew. The two will argue animatedly and Shiloh will provoke Drew.