“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that viewers are excited at the news that Tyler Christopher is returning to the ABC daytime drama. Some fans have expressed a desire to see the Cassadine prince and his son vanquish Valentin and reclaim Windermere as their own. Nikolas and his motherless son were considered to be an unstoppable dynamic duo. It’s not known how or when this popular character will show up in Port Charles but it’s probably sooner than anyone thinks. For two and one-half years there have been rumors, spoiler alerts and teasing from Christopher, but now it all is beginning to fall into place.

'GH' confirms Tyler Christopher return

Soap Dirt indicates that "General Hospital" viewers are extremely happy to hear that Tyler Christopher is returning to the role he originated. For almost three years loyal fans have expressed their desire to see Nikolas reunited with Spencer and reclaim his Cassadine birthright. Spoilers indicate that the consensus among devotees is that the father and son should overthrow Valentin and take charge of Windermere once again.

James Patrick Stewart is loathed as Valentin by viewers as well as some Port Charles residents because he shot Nikolas and made Spencer an orphan. With the return of the Cassadine prince, there will be a reunion and fans will get to see more of the talented Nicholas Bechtel.

Spencer is growing up and has lost some of his boyish charm but the teenager and his dad have always had great chemistry together. Spoilers have yet to report what will happen to Valentin who will surely lose Nina when the truth about Sasha comes out.m

James Patrick Stewart 'GH' future may be in jeopardy

"General Hospital" viewers may recall that Valentin forced Nikolas to sign over his inheritance before he shot him.

Once the Cassadine prince returns to Port Charles, this issue must be dealt with. If Spencer and his dad reclaim their mansion and all that goes with it, life will change for the usurper. He may lose the home he has been living in for close to three years and when Nina finds out Sasha is not her daughter the marriage will be over.

Spoilers have not mentioned James Patrick Stewart leaving the ABC daytime drama, so his fate is up in the air. Valentin certainly cannot co-exist at Windermere along with Nikolas and Spencer, plus that scenario would disappoint fans who desire the Cassadine prince and his heir apparent to vanquish the man who caused them so many problems. Now if it turns out that Valentin had been working with Nicholas all along, then everting will be much different. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.