"General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers say Franco will need help deciphering the disturbing warnings of psychics. Elizabeth will receive a worrying phone call, in which she will discover that Franco may be in danger. The latest ''GH'' rumors from Soap Dirt in this regard, tease that the man could end up in the hospital. Hayden and Jasper will be intent on framing Valentin and looking for evidence against him. Shiloh, on the other hand, will be willing to make an important choice for his future if he doesn't want to end his days behind bars.

'General Hospital': Valentin's secret at risk

In the next episodes of ''General Hospital'' broadcast on ABC, Drew will not live in an easy situation. Meanwhile, Jasper continues to hope for Valentin's defeat. Together with Hayden, Jasper will be looking for evidence to frame Valentin. The two of them will be browsing through the house on Spoon Island, on the occasion of an unexpected invitation to dinner. Nina, although aware that Valentin has caused some trouble, still does not know what dark background he hides. Will they find anything interesting? Meanwhile, Sasha and Michael are relaxing during their holiday, despite the fact that there have been some unforeseen events. Lulu suffers after the divorce and is supported by Laura.

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors say that Drew finds him a good friend in Curtis. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jason confront each other. We will finally return to talk about Shiloh and the dynamics of DoD, which for some time had been put aside.

'GH' next episodes on ABC: Sam and Shiloh face to face

In new ''General Hospital'' episodes, Sam returns to talk with Shiloh.

Sam, after being subjected to the initiation ritual to become a DoD adept, had to get a tattoo with the sect's symbol. Sam gets in touch with Archer, telling him she wants to remove that mark on her skin. Also, Alexis will receive bad news. According to Soap Dirt hypothesis, it could be about the trial against Shiloh.

Shiloh must close a deal

Other ''General Hospital'' updates say that Shiloh will talk to his lawyer. Archer must find a solution if he doesn't want to spend his life in prison. Meanwhile, Drew returns to look for Sonny, despite their recent problems. Next, Cameron will be surprised by the sweet Josslyn. What is happening between the two young people after Oscar's death?

Franco could end up in hospital

We'll see Shiloh anxious because he doesn't want to end up in prison for days. The new ''General Hospital'' spoilers, as seen from the tweet posted on the official account of the soap opera, say that Franco keeps his eyes open after the distressing message of the psychic. Later, Sam will have a heated discussion that could degenerate, while Elizabeth receives a shocking call about Franco.

The psychic's warning has therefore proved to be true. Will Franco Baldwin end up in a hospital? We just have to wait for the next ''General Hospital'' spoilers.