"General Hospital" (GH) rumors for the week from 29 July to 2 August tell that in Port Charles, the tension will be high. Betrayal, revenge and dangerous thoughts will enliven the ongoing storylines. In last week's soap opera episodes, we saw Nelle Benson meeting Michael in Pentonville Prison. ''Crazy Benson''' gave the man a veiled suggestion about the child. If at first Michael Corinthos did not give weight to Nelle's words, now he will brood over her speech, not finding peace. At that point, Michael will talk to Sasha about the matter, asking for her opinion.

Other ''GH'' weekly rumors reveal that Drew will receive a mysterious box that could bring out yet another dark background to his past. The strange thing is that Drew won't know who sent him the box. According to the hypothesis of 'Celeb Dirty Laundry, it seems that Michael tells Sasha the whole dramatic story of the child. Jax might find out something interesting about Valentin, while Sasha and Michael will have a mishap that could ruin their holiday on the island.

'General Hospital' next episodes: a mysterious box for Drew

In the weekly episodes of ''General Hospital'' according to 'Sheknows,'' Drew will receive a mysterious box that belongs to his past. The sender, however, will be unknown.

As it claims on Celebr Dirty Laundry, it may have been Shiloh who sent the box to Drew. Without a doubt, this episode will give rise to a new storyline in Drew's already complicated life.

Later, Jason will have to say about Shiloh Archer's overly arrogant behavior. Jason Morgan, who knows the head of the DoD well, will think that he has some strange and dark plan in mind.

As a result, Jason will keep him under control, fearing that Shiloh might hurt his loved ones.

Valentin's plan is at risk? Michael and Sasha have an unexpected event

Other interesting ''General Hospital'' rumors, tease that Jasper will have occasion to better explore the environment of Valentin and Nina, as the two will organize a dinner.

It is likely that Jax will have the opportunity to discover something decisive to help the defeat of Valentin. Meanwhile, Michael and Sasha will be happy to leave for their holiday. However, an unforeseen event will cause them to panic, as their flight to Puerto Rico will be late. Are we sure that "General Hospital" has only this slight mishap in store for them? We'll see. According to the rumors by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it seems that Sasha and Michael's plans are taking an unexpected turn.

Also, Willow and Sam will meet and have a discussion about Shiloh. Later, Alexis will bring shocking news to someone. What will it be? We just have to see what will happen in the weekly episodes of the soap opera and wait for the next ''General Hospital'' spoilers.