Claire's return in "Days Of Our Lives" is causing fans of the soap opera to worry. In the "DOOL" official NBC video spoilers of the week, Claire Brady kills Tripp by stabbing him in the back. Fortunately, it's just Haley's hallucinations, which she will face a dark period of her existence. Haley will start to imagine terrifying scenes and Tripp will try to help her by giving her tranquilizers.

According to 'Soap Dirt', Eve will give a false serum to Jack, terrified that he may remember something unseemly. It seems that Jack discovers Eve's betrayal in the July 26 episode and will not take it well at all.

Jennifer, on the other hand, will try to forget her badly ended love story and look ahead with Henry, who could represent a new beginning for her.

Claire in Haley's nightmares, Xander and Rex have a confrontation

"Days of Our Lives" provides fans with interesting twists and turns in NBC episodes of the week. Haley will begin to have worrying hallucinations about Claire. In the loft, Claire will ask for support from Tripp. Haley hasn't yet overcome the post-traumatic stress disorder she's been fighting with for some time and needs psychological support. However, the woman will prefer not to seek assistance. Tripp, not knowing how to help her, will try to recover tranquilizers. This will not be a good idea, but it will help to bring Tripp and Haley closer together.

New episodes 'Days Of Our Lives': Jennifer approaches Henry

Meanwhile, Xander and Rex are going to have a heated fight over Sarah. According to 'Soap Dirt', Eric should be able to intervene to calm them down before the situation becomes dangerous. Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors tease that Jennifer will try to forget Jack and move on, hoping to find peace in her life and find a new love that won't make her suffer.

Dr. Henry has shown on several occasions that he has an interest in her, so it could be a good start. In the next episodes of "Days of Our Lives", Jennifer and Henry may have their first date and start a relationship.

Eve gives Jack a false serum

Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors tease that Jack will be surprised by Eve. The woman, unexpectedly, will approve of him taking the serum of memory but will lie about her change of heart by offering a false explanation that can reassure Jack.

Probably, Eve will tell Jack she wants to give their marriage a chance and be willing to do anything for their relationship. It seems, however, that Eve plans to give Jack a false serum, so as not to run any risks and protect his memories. Obviously, Jack will react very badly after discovering Eve's betrayal in the July 26 episode on NBC.

What will happen? We just have to wait for more "Days of Our Lives" spoilers and follow the plots broadcast on NBC.