"Days Of Our Lives" rumors announce the release of Tripp, starring Lucas Adams. According to the news reported on 'Daytime Confidential,' the last episode of "DOOL" in which we will see Tripp will be that of August 27, 2019. Tripp's release was predictable since Claire has now moved away from Salem to solve her mental problems. Claire, in fact, in previous episodes, has completely lost control after confessing to being responsible for the fire in the cabin. Tripp's exit from the scene could be linked to her feelings towards Haley. The girl, in fact, will start to have visions, causing Tripp to worry that, standing next to her, she will begin to feel something for her.

However, she is aware that the girl is madly in love with JJ and, not knowing how to handle the situation, she will prefer to leave the city to shed some light on herself. We still have no official news about the continuation of the storyline. Tripp may decide to be alone for some time or go back to another life away from Salem and Haley, hoping to forget her. How will an interesting storyline evolve?

'Days of Our Lives': Haley begins to hallucinate

In the next "Days of Our Lives" episodes broadcast on NBC, Tripp will face a dangerous situation in which Haley is also involved. The viewers know that the two have married without love. Tripp agreed to marry Haley to prevent her from being deported, and the plan seemed to have been successful, but soon, something will go wrong.

Haley will start to have obscure visions. In one of them, she will see Claire kill Tripp.

Haley has attempted suicide, and it won't be easy to ask for help from a therapist. According to the latest rumors of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' about "Days of Our Lives," Tripp will offer his support to Haley, but he will do it the wrong way.

He'll have her take tranquilizers, and Haley will fall asleep next to him. Tripp might then begin to fall in love with Haley, but he will be aware that their eventual story would only bring trouble, since the girl has a relationship with JJ.

'DOOL' next episodes: Tripp, confused, leaves the city

The latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors, tease that the reason why Tripp will leave Salem may be related to feelings about Haley.

Tripp is aware that he will never be able to compete with JJ and, at the same time, will not want to meddle in their love affair. According to news of 'Daytime confidential', Tripp may then leave the city for some time to reflect on his feelings. It is not yet clear whether the removal of the man will only be temporary or definitive. We just have to wait for the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers and the episodes broadcast on NBC. Stay tuned for other updates and news.