"General Hospital" rumors tease that Steve Burton could have a double role within the soap opera, while Nelle and Ryan could be ready to escape from prison. Drew is determined to recover his memories, failing to understand what his true identity is. What if Burton had his face? Also, in the next "General Hospital" episodes, the link between Nelle Benson and Ryan that was established in Pentonville could become dangerous. Both have good reasons to escape from prison and, precisely for this reason, they seem to plan a plan to escape and carry out their respective revenge.

Will Steve Burton be Drew in 'General Hospital'?

Recent "General Hospital" rumors tell us that Drew's storyline will continue. As we know, he is Jason's brother but, after his accident, he lost his memory. Drew seems intent on recovering his memories, despite being aware of the danger he could run. A simpler solution might be to leave the past behind, thus avoiding unwelcome surprises. Before the accident, Jason and Drew were very similar. This detail might suggest that Steve Burton can play both characters.

It's not the first time that this trick has helped to give verve to a soap opera. Fans of "GH" are eager to learn more about Drew's dark past. So far, the only details that have emerged are thanks to Shiloh's flashbacks, but they're certainly not enough to reconstruct the whole story.

Drew no longer knows what his identity is, despite being aware that he's not Jason. Steve Burton's double interpretation could solve the problem.

'General Hospital': Nelle Benson and Ryan ready to escape

Other "General Hospital" rumors and news say that we will start talking about Nelle and Ryan. The two intend to escape from Pentonville, the prison in which they are imprisoned for their crimes.

Ryan and Nelle have made friends and it is not excluded that they are allies to return to terrorize the city. According to rumors by Celeb Dirty Laundry, the two are intent on plotting a plan to escape from prison. Both have good reasons to escape.

Ryan wants revenge for being operated on and robbed of his kidney without consent.

His primary goal is to get rid of Curtis and Jordan forever, who tricked him into getting what they wanted. Moreover, he would not mind at all rejoining Evelyn. He wants to make life impossible for Michael but not only that. Burton would like to resolve the issue that concerns his son, Jonah since everyone is convinced it's Wiley. Let's not forget that Shiloh is also involved in this storyline. A DNA test could solve the case and shed light on the delicate family plot. Will the and Ryan plan their escape from Pentonville? We just have to wait for the next "General Hospital" spoilers.