"Teen Mom 2" alum, Jenelle Evans now fired by MTV's battling for custody of her kids. Fans of the show know she lost custody after her husband David Eason admitted he killed her little dog Nugget. Now, it looks like she's not taking it quietly as some people suspected. In fact, it seems that using her hashtag #PrayForEnsley, that she's threatening her mom Barbara that she's coming for her kid one way or the other. The post came after a cryptic comment Jenelle made to her mom, saying "It's only for the cameras."

Custody case for 'Teen Mom 2's' Jenelle Evans continued Tuesday, June 4

The custody case for the "Teen Mom 2" former star continues and fans of the show know none of the children currently live with her and David Eason.

They want nothing to do with David's daughter anymore and accused her of telling lies about what went down on 'The Land.' Kaiser's still with his dad Nathan, who engaged in custody battles before the killing of the dog. Jace always lived with her mom Barbara. However, David and Jenelle's littlest child, Ensley is their only child they share biologically. Following the fall-out of the dog killing, Ensley finally ended up with Barbara.

US Weekly reported on the ongoing custody case on Tuesday, June 4. They reported on a "heated exchange" outside the "North Carolina Courthouse." Jenelle spoke to the news outlet and complained that she feels her relationship with her mom is "destroyed." They noted that Jenelle feels her siblings have far worse issues than she does but her mom "protects them." It's almost as though Jenelle thinks her mom's in some conspiracy against her.

TMZ reports on Jenelle's cryptic 'It’s only for the cameras,' comment to mom Barbara

TMZ shared a video of the "Teen Mom 2" alums outside the court, where they went to update on parenting lessons. Jenelle and her mom Barbara got into their heated exchange over little Ensley when Jenelle picked her up and hugged her. In fact, she told Barbara that if she objected then she should call "an officer," (of Child Protection Services).

One can assume that Barbara, who allegedly "blocked" Jenelle's phone number simply wants the best for Ensley right now and that led to the heated argument.

The cryptic comment Jenelle made to her mom in the video involved her saying it's all just "for the cameras." For fans of the "Teen Mom 2" show, that raises a question or two.

About a week ago, some fans called for a petition to MTV to keep Barbara and the kids on the show. They noted that it's not right for Barbara to lose income because Jenelle made bad decisions. Confirmation on that side's not forthcoming at all right now. However, it was a comment that could indicate MTV's thoughts. Or, it could just mean Jenelle talked about media cameras in general.

Is Jenelle threatening her mom with her #PrayForEnsley hashtag?

Late Tuesday, Jenelle took to her Instagram and shared a photo of her and Ensley. Actually, apart from promos which probably help bring in money, most of her posts show the kids. In her latest post, Jenelle wrote, "I’m calling SOCIAL SERVICES on MY FAMILY." Then she used her #PrayForEnsley hashtag.

As she previously referred to Barbara protecting her siblings, maybe she plans to call them out. That would hurt Barbara if she has anything to share that's meaningful or true.

Jenelle's got a sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, and a brother Colin. In her book, "Read Between The Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom," Jenelle noted she has issues with her sister. Plus, she comments on how "violent" her brother Colin was. In fact, Celebuzz notes Barbara sent him to "a special group home in Texas for nearly two years.” That came after he set fire to his bed. They also noted an exchange on social media where a fan asked if Jenelle "talks to her siblings?" Her reply: "H*ll no, I don’t trust them lol.”

Could Jenelle Evans be threatening mom Barbara with her post about "calling SOCIAL SERVICES on [HER] FAMILY?" Is it possible that the post with the #PrayForEnsley hashtag is Jenelle projecting CPS investigations?

Is she hoping to see Barbara facing questions on her ability to raise Jace and Ensley in a safe environment?

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