"Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers promise great twists and turns for the next episodes. As we know, Ted hides a tremendous secret about Xander and Holly. Now, Ted is in love with Hope and has no intention of jeopardizing his relationship. What if the truth about Holly came out? We'll know very soon as Ted goes to the fake Nicole, revealing the truth to her. However, Ted does not know he is talking to Kristen DiMera, who, of course, will feel betrayed to death. After their meeting, Ted will disappear into thin air, foreshadowing the worst.

'Days Of Our Lives': Ted betrays Kristen DiMera

Ted seems to have found happiness with Hope, but this apparent quietness is about to end. Ted is aware that a false step on his part could cost him a great deal of money. The latest "DOOL" spoilers reveal that someone will ruin the happiness of the young couple. Most likely it's Kristen DiMera who, right now, is pretending to be Nicole with the help of an extremely realistic mask. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, I can tell you that also this storyline will soon have a breakthrough. It's not long before the truth about the fake Nicole emerges in all its absurdity.

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers also say that Ted will get into trouble in the episodes between June 5 and 10.

The man will go to the fake Nicole and surprise her with an incredible statement. What will Ted have in mind? Most likely, Ted will tell 'Nicole' that Holly might still be alive. Later, he'll be able to put all the blame on Xander, so he stays out of the picture and doesn't lose Hope's confidence.

'DOOL' spoilers: the disappearance of Ted

Ted's gonna go to Nicole and tell her that Holly's alive. Of course, he doesn't know that 'Nicole' is actually Kristen and will, therefore, make a very serious mistake. We're sure that the wicked DiMera won't waste time on revenge. Ted will end up betraying Kristen, without even realizing it.

What will happen now?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, I can tell you that Kristen will react very badly to Ted's betrayal. The fake Nicole, who is also worried about being unmasked, will completely lose her head. Meanwhile, Kristen will continue to manipulate Brady, still unaware of the murky deception. "DOOL's" other spoilers tease that Ted will disappear into thin air during the next episodes. Will Kristen or some of his accomplices kidnap him? We can't rule out the possibility that Ted will be killed so that he will remain silent forever and not ruin Kristen's plans. But DiMera doesn't know that Hope will be determined to discover the truth. Hope will investigate Ted's disappearance and get very close to the truth. What will happen? Stay tuned so you don't miss out on the latest and exciting "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers.