"Teen Mom 2" fans know that Kailyn Lowry and Leah Dawn Messer are very close friends. In fact, Kailyn sometimes teases that they're an item and might even marry. One of the most recent teases came when they were on vacation together in Costa Rica. Now, Kailyn did an Instagram Story Q&A where she hinted the two women may get a Reality TV show. It may just be Kailyn teasing again, but actually, a spinoff's feasible.

Kailyn Lowry of 'Teen Mom' hints on Instagram Stories during Q&A

Fans of "Teen Mom 2" actually like following Kailyn. Not only for her "Kail and the Chaos," and the "Coffee Convo" podcast, but also for her Pot Head Hair products.

Plus, many of them love her sometimes weird sense of humor. When Kail calls for a Q&A on Instagram, it does not take long for questions to flood in. Late Monday, May 27, Kail answered a few questions and accepted a few compliments.

Some of those included asking why they don't have a reunion with all the kids. Actually, as Kail pointed out, they don't because of safety reasons. Plus, they do the reunion "during the school year" and "usually, it's a lot of traveling and sitting around for 8+ hours." Mind you, Kail did say she suggested a trip with all the kids, but "nobody cared for it." Later on, Kailyn dropped her hint about a reality TV show with Leah Messer.

Leah Dawn Messer and Kail in their own reality TV show?

After some time, one fan said to Kailyn, "You and Leah should have your own TV show." To that, Kail replied, "We are working on it!" Plus, she tagged Leah's Instagram handle. Now, it's very unlikely that the rumors Kail and Leah will marry comes off, but either a spinoff or a completely new show is actually feasible.

Even Kailyn sometimes agrees with fans on her Twitter, that the show's no longer about Teen Moms, after all. Is it possible they may go and do something else altogether? After all, Kailyn's becoming a successful brand on her own these days.

If there's any truth at all to the two women getting in a long-term relationship together, there's a TV show right there!

As The Hollywood Gossip noted, some of their vacation photos showed them very close indeed. They noted that "Perhaps it's the obvious affection these two have for each other. But for whatever reason, Messer and Lowry's vacation pics have fans convinced they're more than friends."

Would you be interested in a reality TV show by the 'Teen Mom' stars?

MTV and TLC bring so many reality TV shows already, fans have to ask if there's really any more room for new series? What would you do if Kailyn Lowry and Leah Dawn Messer announced a new spinoff or a brand new show? Would you watch it? Or do you think that Kailyn's just teasing us all once again?

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