"Sister Wives" fans know that Meri Brown's got a giant smile and works hard to maintain a positive personality with her inspiring hashtags. They also enjoy that she interacts with them on her social media. So, this weekend when she started a guessing game, her followers ended up in a rather fun exchange. Kody Brown's sister wife took to Instagram to tease fans about was different about her. Many of them failed.

Some epic fails in the guessing game by Meri Brown of 'Sister Wives

For fans of TLC's "Sister Wives" show, Meri interacting with them offseason is very precious.

Her LuLaroe account's not all about buying her clothing line, and at least trolls mostly leave her be. So, it's usually a friendly environment over there. Meri loves to play guessing games and quite often posts and gets a conversation starter going. Over the weekend she started one when she posted up a photo of her wearing jeans, standing by a wall, and invited people to say what they noted was different.

"Sister Wives" fans came with some epic fails, but Meri, ever patient never got irritated and, in fact, the fun time went on for a few hours. Some suggested she had lost weight. But that's not the right answer, though she lost weight steadily over the last couple of years and looks fabulous.

Another suggested she "got over [her] fear of falling bricks," which was a lol. Could it be shoes without socks? Or, how about the fact she wore tennis shoes? Another guessed she put down her phone for once.

Fun guessing game fail exchange continues

The fun guessing game between "Sister Wives" fans and Meri got more fun after she posted up the answer.

That's because so many fans missed the answer and kept on guessing. Everything from jeans to where she held your hands got discussed and still, Meri had to keep telling them what was different. Well, after patiently giving everyone the answer at least seven times, people got why the guessing game was a fail in a fun way.

It turned out that Meri wore a black hoodie.

When one fan got close, noting she's wearing "Blue on blue," she said, "Closest so far. It's black, and I don't wear black lol!" Of course, she talked about her hoodie which was black. In another answer, she said, "I love all your guesses! I never wear black so this is something seldom seen lol!" Later, she added, "just don't feel like it's my best color. Now charcoal grey, I'm all over that!"

The funny part of it all

The funny bit came when a few fans actually told Meri that on their phone screens, the black hoodie looked blue. So, mostly everyone failed because of the filter, or because of the light. Nevertheless, it's great fun when Meri Brown interacts like that with fans. And that's what they love about Meri.

She's fun off the TLC "Sister Wives" show, which everyone knows gets edited and she inspires people through her friendly interactions online.

What do you think about Meri Brown and her fans playing a fun guessing game? Okay, so it mostly failed because of the colors in the photo, but she took the time and patiently answered the wrong answers so many times.

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