Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the drama surrounding Adam is about to intensify. More people will be caught in his web of deceit as he continues the vendetta against his perceived enemies. On Friday it was revealed that Kevin kidnapped Phyllis and spoilers say he believes Adam is holding Chloe hostage because she is the one who shot him. Victor Newman's namesake insists that he has no idea where Mrs. Fisher is so it looks like Phyllis may be held captive for a while. In the meantime, Summer will be frantically searching for her mom as she suspects foul play.

She will even enlist Jack and Nick to help.

Kevin misinterprets Phyllis and Adam's relationship

Soap Dirt indicates that Kevin has totally misread the relationship between Adam and Ms. Summers. He assumes they are a couple and that by kidnapping Phyllis, he can get Chloe back. "Y&R" viewers have suspected that Delia's mom shot Adam when she found out that he was still alive and both Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry confirm this is true. Spoilers say that Adam will insist to Kevin that he has nothing to do with his wife's disappearance. He will later talk to someone on the phone and say their plans have to change,

It's obvious Kevin and Chloe have been paying close attention to what has been taking place in Genoa City because Adam had only been back in town a few days when he was shot, and the shooter knew he was staying in the tack house.

Phyllis had only been hanging out with Nick's brother about 48 hours when she was abducted. There was never a hint of anything romantic between her and Adam so "Y&R" may explain later why Mr. Fisher got his wires crossed.

Kevin sets up Chloe's return to Genoa City

Kevin injecting Phyllis with a needle was pretty extreme but understandable.

He has always been fiercely protective of Chloe, even after she drugged Victor's son and set him up to die in the cabin explosion. Now she has put a bullet in him and her husband continues to enable her bad behavior. CDL and Soap Dirt point out that Kevin's wife can still be charged with attempted murder if she shows her face in Genoa City.

Where she is at this time, and what will actually happen to her, however, has yet to be revealed by "Y&R" spoilers.

In the meantime, as Kevin and Adam bicker over details, Phyllis is locked in what looks like a storage room. She has absolutely no idea of why she is there, Spoilers say Summer will correctly believe something bad has happened to her mother and try to get Nik and Jack to help. This will take some doing as Phyllis has tried to destroy both Jabot and Dark Horse. Be sure not to miss Monday's exciting episode of "The Young and the Restless" by tuning in at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.