"Sister Wives" fans often see articles these days about how Kody Brown's family suffers financial hardship. It seems that the slow sales of homes in Las Vegas, combined with property purchases in Flagstaff may have brought some tax problems. Radar Online chased the story for months now. However, it seems the Brown family still manages vacations despite the rumors of financial hardship.

Meri Brown shares IG stories of vacation to fans of 'Sister Wives'

This past week, Pop Culture wrote about Meri Brown vacationing alone in Disneyland. They noted, "Meri Brown is taking in Disneyland seemingly by herself amid signs of drama in the Sister Wives family." However, she later shared video footage of all the kids and Kody walking around singing songs together.

Actually, it looked like they had a blast. Radar Online then reported that Meri shared more stuff on IG that did not show Kody Brown. Instead, it showed the kids enjoying the merry-go-round.

However, the story managed an angle that Meri "snubbed Kody" because there's "marital issues with Kody and the wives." Allegedly, the problems still continue after "he divorced Meri to legally marry Robyn so he could adopt her children from a previous relationship." However, we should note that the recent "Sister Wives" season saw Kody and Meri vowing to date again and make a fresh relationship. So, it's not clear where these rumors of a continued bad relationship come from. Radar Online also push the rumors of financial hardship for the whole Brown family at the moment.

Financial hardship rumors for Kody Brown's family

The rumors of financial hardship probably arise because not all the homes in Las Vegas sold yet. Robyn Brown's home sold first. Then Christine's, who got a buyer, later got relisted. In fact, TV Shows Ace noted yet another relisting this month at a reduced price nearly 100k lower than the original listing.

However, Meri Brown's home finally sold, as did Janelle's. So, only Christine's home remains on the market.

During their digging into the Brown family property issues, Radar Online mentioned that they owed property taxes in Flagstaff that were accumulating tax penalties. Look, we're not talking millions of dollars here, but what fuelled the fire further is that they also noted no development took place on land Kody forked out 800k for.

Fans of "Sister Wives" can recall the family visiting the land and Kody dreamed of one massive home for all the wives. Possibly they suffered some hardship, but it does not look like they're down to rags and bones as they take summer vacations.

New vacation pics of the Brown family by Christine Brown

Late Wednesday, June 5, Christine shared yet another photo of members of the Brown family on vacation. This time, in California. She shared a picture of them whale watching. One of her "Sister Wives" followers noted it was in Newport Beach, where you can go on a boat trip to see the whales. The caption came from Christine Brown, and said, "Sipping virgin cocktails and watching dolphins Doesn’t get much better."

Actually, they chose a good place for a vacation, as Balboa Peninsula has two piers that offer loads of fun - Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier.

Of course, there are also loads of other fun things to do in the Balboa Fun Zone. Of course, lots of "Sister Wives" followers asked if Kody Brown was on vacation with them. However, the Brown family need not share every single detail of their lives with fans.

Whether they suffer financial hardship or how Kody Brown arranges a family vacation is his own business. Rumors will always run wild because they sell stories. Maybe every now and then we should just give them a break and let them enjoy their family time making special vacation memories.

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