Every Wrestling fan in this world knows who The Undertaker is. I feel he is the man who has made WWE what it is today. I feel he is still the biggest name in WWE. The Undertaker's WWE gimmick is one of the best in the wrestling industry. The seven-time world champion has done it all in the field of wrestling. His American Badass gimmick during the early 2000s was also a very well-known character who use to make his entrance on a bike. Mark William Calaway (Undertaker) is over 50 and wrestles, these days, as a part-timer for WWE.

Undertaker vs Goldberg at Super ShowDown

He recently had a match with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg at Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on June 7. This match was highly criticized by fans on social media. People said this match was Undertaker's worst match ever. During the match, Goldberg hit the turnbuckle and started bleeding. Undertaker also started looking tired just five minutes after the match got started.

There were several unsuccessful attempts by both wrestlers trying to hit moves like a tombstone, jackhammer, chokeslam, etc. Goldberg attempted to hit the tombstone but slipped. Undertaker could not hit Goldberg with a choke slam properly. Apart from this, both wrestlers were under the risk of getting seriously injured.

This is the reason why WWE Universe commented on the main event match and why it should not have happened.

One of the wrestling fans on social media demanded that WWE stop bringing Undertaker back for matches. The WWE Universe was surprised when Undertaker liked that particular comment on social media which said that he should stop wrestling for WWE.

Undertaker might not wrestle again

After this action by Undertaker, WWE fans on social media are speculating that The Phenom might just retire and never wrestle again. In fact, he himself doesn't seem happy with the match as it was visible from his face after winning the match against Goldberg.

In addition to this, Goldberg also accepted that he let down his fans by not giving them the match they deserved.

He accepted that he got knocked out during the match. Matt Riddle, who is a WWE wrestler for NXT, called Goldberg the "worst wrestler ever" on social media after the match. But the fans were not angry at Undertaker and Goldberg for the disappointing match as it is known that both these wrestlers have crossed the age of 50. WWE made mistakes with other matches as well.

Let's hope that Undertaker retires in good health. This name is definitely going to be immortal in the history of wrestling.