Laine Hardy, the winner of "American Idol" 2019, took to his social media to share about a new mini-series documenting his life since he won. Episode 1 of "An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy" got dropped to YouTube and fed the fans wanting to know how it's all going for him. Many of them reacted to it, and it got over 50k views within 10 hours.

Fans of Laine Hardy saw him take the crown for 'American Idol' in May

It's incredible to think that just a few short weeks ago in May, Laine Hardy took the crown in "American Idol" 2019. If you think time's flying by, imagine how it all feels for Laine!

One moment he was a hopeful contestant and just a matter of hours later, he flew into New York for a round of interviews. As he said in the new "An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy," he knew he looked "tired," but he never really felt that way.

On the plane, he managed to sleep for about five hours, and the whirl began. When he disembarked from the plane, he said, "I'm really excited for what's to come." Plus, he was looking forward to seeing his family. For Laine, he looked comfortable in his tee and jeans, but somehow walking in the city with so many photographers around him, it must have been amazing.

'An American Idol Story' shows how Laine got fast-tracked to fame

Laine Hardy's a country boy from Louisana, and the big city and instant fame could bewilder anyone from his background.

However, he held it together, and still managed to look just like the Laine fans came to love. Episode one of the mini-series shows him at "The View" and other places. Plus, he ended up at Disney Radio where fans screamed their happiness at seeing him. Fans queued up for his signature, and he agreed, yes, he maybe need to "take a deep breath."

It's been a head-turning ride, and in the first episode, it's obvious that Laine's having some difficulty taking at all in.

He says repeatedly, "it's crazy." Those fans hoping Laine stays true to himself can get a glimpse of just how seductive life in the limelight can be. But, as noted on his social media fan groups, his mom Cindy and dad, Barry brought him up the right way. Plus, his hometown's not going to let him forget his roots. Actually, Laine recently went home and it looks like he spent a lovely time on the river as he shared photos of his boat on IG.

Fans react to the new mini-series of the 'American Idol' 2019 winner

Over on YouTube, over 50k people watched episode 1, and mostly they reacted well to Laine's new journey. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @pzz**: "Congratulations Laine! Thanks for the update. Hope you keep them coming. Good luck with the next phase of being an idol!"
  • @gem**: "Keep reaching for the stars but stay're an amazing and talented young man."
  • @Qzak**: "Excitement for episodes 2 for a journey to American Idol winner laine Hardy ... and that will be Amazing."
  • @Suz**: "Congratulations! You have a God given talent! Be true to yourself and don’t let people change you. God bless you on your journey!"
  • @Ang**: "PRAYERS for u and your family on this new chapter of your life! Looking forward to hearing more music from you Laine!"

What did you think of the sudden change in Laine Hardy's life after he won '"American Idol?" Are you looking forward to "An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy'" Episode 2?

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