Laine Hardy, the latest "American Idol" winner attended the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. In fact, the lineup included "Idol" judge, Luke Bryan and he also got to hang with Bobby Bones, known for hosting as a full time mentor for the winner of the ABC music contest. They had a lot of fun and Laine shared some photos to his Instagram stories. Plus, he took the time to shoutout to his other friend and fellow contestant, Alejandro Aranda.

Alejandro Aranda, the 'American Idol' runner-up, and Laine remain friends

Laine Hardy trailed Alejandro as the potential winner of "American Idol," right up until the final performance.

That was according to predictions by the Gold Derby website. Then, the nation of America voted Laine in and Alejandro faced disappointment However, fans of Laine Hardy love it that he still encourages his fellow contestants and they get along very well. Laine went along to the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennesse. However, he didn't forget Alejandro, and posted up his message to "homie."

His Instagram post said, "It’s all love...miss ya homie, hope all is well." Then he added, "I’ll be back to LA soon, we’ll go to some random restaurants & find out the food isn’t as good as we thought." Laine added the hashtag, "#homies4life." Laine's post included a photo of the two of them standing with their guitars.

CMA Fest's in Nashville, Laine Hardy's right at home there

Last week, Laine told fans on Instagram and Facebook that he's happy to relocate to Nashville for a while where he's working full time on getting out some music. However, his arrival in time for the CMA Fest must be special. It's closer to home, and he knows his way around there.

Last year, Laine shared pictures of him hanging out there, and he loved the place. Anyway, it's kind of roots for a country boy. Laine seems pretty much relieved to be away from LA, for a while anyway.

In his Instagram stories that he shared about the CMA fest, he said that he had such a fun day this Sunday. Laine shared a funny clip with Bobby Bones, who put the child filter on.

He also showed a photo of him with Luke Bryan and several of him with other friends. He also tagged @OldDominionMusic and Luke Bryan. Plus he thanked Bobby and Luke for a great time.

Fans respond to Laine Hardy's post about Alejandro

Laine's collected over 600k followers on IG since "American Idol," a far cry from the few thousand he garnered last year. Lots of those fans commented on his post to Alejandro. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @coc**: "Another reason why we love you, Laine!!! Supporting each other’s music career."
  • @sca**: "my favorite bromance."
  • @mar**: "You rock, Laine. I just love that you’re posting this. You and Alejandro should do a collaboration. You guys could write and sing a song together."
  • @ton**: "’Im glad that he has a friend in you and you in him. You both have innocent kind hearts and I hope you never change."

What do you think about Laine Hardy sharing the good times at the CMA Fest, but not forgetting to shout out and support fellow "American Idol" contestant, Alejandro Aranda?

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