"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" on TLC brought Tiffany and Ronald to our screens. As fans of the show know, Ronald struggled with his gambling addiction, and Tiffany wrestled with taking her son Daniel to South Africa permanently. Now, Tiffany said on her IG stories that she's having a bad day. However, we probably shouldn't assume it's about Ronald and his addiction problems as she says he and her son Daniel are "very good."

Tiffany and Ronald of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way'

To recap slightly, Tiffany from Maryland, USA met Ronald in South Africa when she vacationed with a friend.

They fell in love, and she wants to marry him. However, as he comes with a bit of shady past, he can't move to the USA. He got convicted for burglary which he did to get money for his gambling addiction. You can see those short clips in the preview below. However, he went into a Christian rehab, and a week before Tiffany arrived, he was still there. Tiffany left her family and took her son Daniel with her to South Africa. Distractify mentioned that they married, are still together and may expect a new baby.

The hard part for Tiffany is that she's uncertain about Daniel starting a new life in a foreign country. Also, her family doesn't know all about the shady past. Plus, her mom's not overly happy about her marrying Ronald.

So, in the show, we expect some drama. The trouble with Reality TV shows is that they film it and then when the season starts, we see real-life events on social media that often spoil the storyline. However, that's also an opportunity for "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans to interact with their favorites.

Q&A from Tiffany says she's 'having a bad day,' is it about Ronald's addiction?

Friday evening US time, Tiffany went and held a Q&A that really sounded more like a reaching out from a bad place. She captioned it, "Having a bad day." Of course, her fans want to know why it's a bad day? Obviously, many "90 Day Fiance" fans might immediately assume that Ronald's got problems with his gambling addiction.

However, from her other posts and answers, that may not be why Tiffany's down.

One follower asked Tiffany what would make her "feel better." It seems that food won't, but Tiffany said that "coffee does." When another person asked what happened "to make it a bad day," Tiffany was a bit vague, merely answering that she's got "a lot going on." Later, another fan asked if Daniel and Ronald were okay. She posted a photo showing them together looking fine and happy, saying they are "very good."

Maybe Tiffany's homesick for the USA, or thinking about Daniel's dad

It looks like Ronald's around and behaving himself on the addiction front, as she also posted a bit of a vid of him.

Maybe she had a bad day because she misses her family and the USA? Or perhaps she's down as she remembers the dad of her son Daniel. Distractify reported that just the other day she told a fan his dad was okay with her taking him to Africa. However, he unfortunately died. That's sad and she said that he passed away "recently."

What do you think you about Tiffany "having a bad day?" It can't be easy to cope so far away from your friends and loved ones after all. Did you think maybe Ronald backslid on his gambling addiction?

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