"Young and the Restless" (Y&R) rumors tell us that Phyllis will be looking for revenge. To discover Adam's secrets, she will use Riza, who will return to Genoa City this next week. Meanwhile, Nick will end up in the papers and get angry. The man is determined not to have his son taken out of his arms, and will ask Chelsea for help. This idea, however, will prove to be quite dangerous.

'Young and the Restless': Adam and Nick clash over custody of the child

"Young and the Restless" rumors for Monday, June 17 tell that Adam and his brother will come back to the fight.

This time, however, the situation will be very serious and could turn into tragedy. Nick is worried about the child, who could be taken away forever by Adam.

Adam has tricked Nick into saying that he intends to meet Christian. On the contrary, doesn't waste time threatening the people around him, causing panic. Victor and Adam are similar. Both are interested in victory and revenge and are devoid of good feelings. However, there is also a small part of Adam good. He would like to be useful to someone and feel love. Let's not forget though that Adam has also initiated a lawsuit for exclusive custody of the child. In Monday's 'Y&R' episode, Nick's name will be in the papers and we expect him to be furious.

At that point, Nick will ask Chelsea for help.

'Y&R' rumors: Phyllis in search of Adam's secrets

Other "The Young and the Restless" rumors tell that Nick is going to call Chelsea and ask her to help him bring Adam down. Fans know that this idea is not good, as the relationship between Chelsea and Adam could take an unexpected turn.

However, Nick is willing to do anything to prevent Adam from snatching his son from him. At the moment, the only person who can help him in his plan is Chelsea.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Michael will rebel against Kevin, who will be forced to tell the truth about his dark plans. Michael will be surprised about Phyllis' involvement in Chloe's business.

Phyllis' questions about Adam will be answered by Riza, who will return to "The Young and the Restless" on Monday, June 17. This storyline will resume actively over the coming week, with unexpected twists and turns.