"Dogs Most Wanted" is a follow-on show starring Beth Chapman, her sons, and Duane 'Dog' of "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Now, fans of Beth know she's fighting a tremendous battle to overcome cancer. However, she's hanging in there and thousands of fans pray for her recovery. But, just because she's been ill did not turn her into a feeble creature and she's still as feisty as ever. Sometimes, a little too feisty. Recently she posted how she got jailed on Twitter, IG, Facebook, and "you name...it [I'm] in it." Now, she managed to get out of Facebook jail and shared about the upcoming series.

Beth Chapman couldn't share on 'Dogs Most Wanted'

Beth Chapman's delighted that "Dogs Most Wanted" comes to our screens and it looks to premiere possibly in October on WGN. Obviously, she engaged with her fans to push the new series that follows the ever-popular "Dog the Bounty Hunter" couple. However, she put out the word a few days back that she got jailed on Facebook. Actually, her one tweet noted, "Guys I’m in Facebook jail twitter jail ig jail you name im in it in #DogsMostWanted fashion please keep retweeting @wgnamerica posts about our new show and I’ll be back as soon as zuckerberg realizes I’m only in jail cause I’m poor I didn’t really call that #b*tch out!

Now, it's not always easy to figure which person Beth may have offended.

That's because people who try and troll on her really should not! Finished! Don't go where serious criminals fear to tread if you don't want some backlash from our favorite Beth Chapman. In fact, tread carefully on pushing her for things like her recipes as well. What Beth wants to share she will, and if you push her she straight up tells you where to get off.

Fans of "Dogs Most Wanted" and "Dog the Bounty Hunter" love her for that. She not only empowers women but stays strong and feisty despite her fight with cancer.

Out of jail, and Beth's back on Facebook

About 14 hours ago, Beth posted up on her Facebook that she's "Fresh Outta FaceBook Jail." She also posted up a short preview clip of the upcoming "Dog's Most Wanted" series and it looks like a wild ride.

In the meantime, other fans helped to share the new preview on their Twitter. Over on Facebook, fans of Dog and Beth complained about her jail time. One follower noted, "Love you BETH, they shouldn't ban you from facebook. STAY STRONG beautiful lady. You are so precious. WE ARE ALL PRAYING FOR YOU, the LORD is going to use you greatly."

Meanwhile, on Twitter some funny memes came up, most of them not very complimentary to Facebook.

The trailer for 'Dog's Most Wanted' promises an exciting series

WGN's trailer for "Dogs Most Wanted" looks good and it starts off with 'Dog' saying, "My wife, the love of my life is fighting for her life and instead of being at home helping her I'm out here lookin' for you!" Then he adds, "So, I'm warning you in advance, may God have mercy on you when I catch you, cos' I won't!" Then Beth cuts in saying, "You have been warned." Classic!

This could be one of the best in the "Dog" series yet.

Fans are thrilled that Beth Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is out of jail on Facebook. Now, they just want to see the series, but more than that they hope and pray for a miracle for her.

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