Beth Chapman fans follow her closely on Twitter as she fights her battle against cancer so bravely. Now, she reacted to a post by her husband Duane, best known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Currently, they film their upcoming series "Dog's Most Wanted." Fans of Beth loved to see the banter as humor's great, supposedly the 'best medicine.' Beth chipped back at Dog's post and she's enjoying talking about her "Mama's Boy."

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star, Beth Chapman talks about 'Dog's Most Wanted,' Garry Dee

Over on Twitter, Duane posted up about Garry Dee Chapman.

He captioned his post with, "This kid is on fire #Inhisblood couldn’t be prouder @GarryDeeChapman look out @LelandBChapman he’s sneaking up on you son. baby brothers got the fire trying to steal your thunder!" It accompanied a photo showing an arrest going down. If you don't know, Garry's Twitter describes himself as a "Certified Scuba Instructor | Co-Star of Dog The Bounty Hunter | Fugitive Recovery." It looks like he's filming with the new upcoming "Dog's Most Wanted" as well.

Beth Chapman started bantering with Duane Dog about his post, She posted, Oh Snap That’s My BABY! Number 12 is #bombdiggity #wgnamerica #dogsmostwanted #babyof12. However, Duan replied, saying, "No! It’s my baby and yes we have had this discussion!

Tonight he resembles me! Chip off the ol dad." Beth fired back, saying, "Ummm that’s my baby we’ve had this discussion." Then Beth continued the rather funny exchange with, "Seriously you think? HA HES MAMAS BOY and you know it."

Bantering between Beth and Dog about 'Dog's Most Wanted' 'Mama's Boy' has fans enjoying it all

The thing with Beth is that she's a ball, of fire.

So, fans concerned and praying for her health really love it that she's feeling up to bantering and showing off that tough girl. After all, on "Dog the Bounty Hunter," she sure knew how to kick some **s. Many of her fans love her for that, or they love how she empowered women over the years with their television shows. Here's how some of them reacted to the exchange between the celebrity couple about Garry being a 'Mama's Boy"

  • @jer**: "Mr dog is gonna lose this argument I know I do when it comes to our lil boy lol."
  • @Dil**: "that's neat, me and my husband are the same way, we argue over our daughter."
  • @Chri**: "Wait Garry boy is an adult now?? Wtf? Wow lol I still thought he was like 10."
  • @kda**: "@MrsdogC omg Garry boy! I remember watching him when he was little, we were the same age when I was watching on tv. He’s so grown and following in his mama and daddy’s footsteps. So awesome to see."
  • @Uni**: "He’s both of yah baby, but Garry boy isn’t so little anymore. @MrsdogC I’m sure Garry was very careful and he has learned from the best bounty hunters of the world, you and Duane."

What do think about Garry growing up and becoming a kick**s fugitive hunter just like Beth Chapman and Duane of "Dog the Bounty Hunter?" Do you agree it's wonderful to see Beth Chapman and Duan 'Dog' bantering over her "Mama's Boy?"

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