"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Michael will make a shocking discovery. It all starts when Shiloh puts in place a new dark plan after learning about the exchange of cradles. As we know, Michael believes that Jonah is dead. However, he still doesn't know he's the godfather of his son. On the other hand, Willow and Shiloh also don't know how things really are. Brad continues to keep quiet and has no intention of revealing the exchange of cradles. Soon, however, the truth will come out, complicating the situation quite a bit.

'General Hospital': Shiloh discovers the truth about Willow and Wiley

In the next episodes of "General Hospital" Willow is going to get into trouble. Shiloh will find out that Wiley is the child Willow gave up for adoption. Inevitably, Brad will also be involved in the complicated storyline and cannot remain silent. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, there will be a violent legal battle for custody of Wiley. Let's not forget that Lucas is also convinced that the child is dead. How will he react when he finds out that Willow lied to him?

In previous episodes of "General Hospital", Brad confided in Julian, telling him some of the truth about Wiley's existence. However, Nelle's arrest prevented the whole truth from coming out.

Other interesting "General Hospital" spoilers say the situation is set to change. Nelle Benson, in fact, thanks to an accomplice, she will get out of prison. 'Crazy Nelle' will most likely be helped by Shiloh. The head of the DoD will ask her for something in return. Without a doubt, Shiloh will ask Nelle for the truth about Willow and Wiley.

'GH' spoilers: Julian and Brad trapped

"General Hospital" spoilers of the week from June 10 to 15 say that Nelle Benson will return to Port Charles. The woman may decide to approach Michael, so as to grow Jonah together. Although she has caused many troubles she is still a mother who desires everything possible good for her son.

Meanwhile, Julian and Brad will be very concerned about what might happen. If the truth about Jonah were to emerge, the 'Brucas' would become a real danger.

Nelle and the case of the 'Brucas' means she will also be afraid that Lucas will throw himself at her. Lucas could never forgive her for this lie. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry's hypothesis, Michael will never allow Brad or Lucas to keep his son. Let's not forget that Michael could also act legally, so as to ensure that 'Wiley' is really his son. Lucas will never forgive Brad for deceiving him on such a sensitive issue. We can't rule out the possibility that Lucas, once he knows the truth, will decide to leave Port Charles. Will Lucas really leave the city after discovering the truth about Jonah and Wiley? We'll know with the next "General Hospital" spoilers.