"Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) latest spoilers reveal that Jennifer will finally let slip that the diary of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf has been found. In it, are mysterious secrets and background details that could change the lives of Jack and Eve, forever. Jennifer will guess that another part of the memory serum could be mounted which, however, has devastating side effects. Jennifer, having no other way out, will suggest to Jack that she should do everything she can to try to recover his memories, although she is aware that this journey into memory can be extremely dangerous.

Jack will remind Jennifer that Will almost died taking the serum of memory, so much so that the man had a cardiac arrest, as fans of "DOOL" have got to see in previous episodes.

Fear of Jack and Eve's insistence

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Eve will try to scare Jack off reading the doctor's diary. Eve is terrified that Jack will be able to recover her memories. Fans of the soap opera are fine that she is not sincere in her feelings. The woman has in fact manipulated Jack from the beginning, doing everything so that he does not notice the murky deception.

Spoilers also suggest that Jack will expose his fears to Jennifer about the possibility of getting a brain tumor. The woman will tell him that there is a serum to prevent this from happening.

Jennifer, minimizing the danger, will spur Jack to try everything to recover the memories. However, he will not completely trust Jennifer's words and will continue to have serious doubts. Jack is not only afraid of contracting a brain tumor, but also of being confronted with a disconcerting truth when it comes to remembering hot details.

Jack is aware that the memories buried in his unconscious could change his life forever.

Jack agrees to try the serum of memory

Unexpectedly, the spoilers reveal that Jack will tell Jennifer he's ready to try the memory serum. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, if Jack really had to drink the dangerous serum and remember all of his past, the lives of many characters would change completely.

But we must remember that the serum has no guarantee of success and it may not even work.

Fans of "DOOL" know that, sooner or later, Jack will totally recover his memory. When that happens, Jack and Jennifer will finally be able to reunite. This means that Eve will be completely alone since Jack will download her in a moment. But what will happen in the meantime and what consequences will this intricate storyline have?

Fake Nicole has her days numbered

Other "Days of Our Lives" spoilers report that there will be developments in the fake Nicole storyline. Kristine DiMera is beginning to feel the stress of playing the role of a completely different woman. Although the mask is perfect, she's realizing that her attitudes are not exactly like those of Nicole.

In this regard, many people next to her are realizing that something is wrong. We are sure that this storyline will also take an unexpected turn. Who will unmask Nicole's fake and, above all, what will be the consequences for Kristen and Xander? See you soon with the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.