"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers ensure great twists in the soap opera. In the city of Salem, there will be several moments of tension and very dangerous situations. In the episodes of the week from June 17 to 21, Will and Sonny got married again, but the reasons that brought them to the altar had a dramatic flavor. Will's health has deteriorated progressively. Sarah and Rex did everything they could to try and save him. Will had a cardiac arrest shortly before he was given the antidote. At that point, Will had a pre-mortem experience meeting Caroline, who invited him to return to his earthly home, as his time had not yet come.

Finally, Ciara and Tripp have carried out their dark plan, which will still cause many problems.

What will happen in the episodes of "Days of our Lives" of the week between 24 and 28 June? Attention is focused on Kate, who will listen to a decisive chat to get to the truth about the fake Nicole. Kristen and Xander will have to start shaking, as their plan is about to fall down.

Remember what happened to the booth

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers, for the week of June 25-28, tell us that Ben will continue to increase the memories that bring him to reconstruct what happened in that cursed cabin. According to Celebrity Diry Laundry, Ben has remembered the melody of a mobile phone ringtone, which is the same as that of Claire.

As a result, Marlena's suspicions will become more and more acute, and it won't be long before she understands that Claire is really responsible for what happened in the cabin.

Other "DOOL" spoilers say that JJ Deveraux will receive a welcome surprise. It seems that Haley is able to resolve the legal issues and then manages to move to the United States in a quiet way making JJ happy.

The two of them could finally leave all their problems behind and live their love in the light of day.

Kate close to the truth about fake Nicole Walker

Spoilers also suggest that Kate will be on the verge of finally unmasking the fake Nicole. According to TV Source Magazine, Kate will keep 'Nicole' under control, suspicious that the woman is behaving rather suspiciously.

In the next episodes of "DOOL," Kate will listen to an extremely important chat, which will inevitably lead her to the truth about the fake Nicole. As a result, Xander and Kristen DiMera's macabre plan will surely be at risk.

Will Kate be able to discover the truth without being discovered and without herself being put in danger? There will also be romantic moments between Gabi and Stefan. But even in this case, their love story will not be without its complications. We just have to wait for new and intriguing "Days of Our Lives" spoilers to know how the scenarios of the soap opera will evolve.