"The Young and the Restless" (Y&R) spoilers for the week of June 24-28 focuses on the storylines of Adam, Chelsea, and Phyllis. These three characters will continue to upset the balance of Genoa City for the coming months. What will they do in the weekly episodes of the soap opera? A detail has made fans of the soap opera shudder. In the promo aired on CBS, a mysterious character with a gun appeared, who is it and what intentions will he have? Tension is high in the city and someone could die.

Next, Adam will have a chance to meet Chelsea. The short romantic parenthesis will make him forget his problems, at least for a while.

Chelsea will remind him that she is a married woman. However, the woman will not be able to stop her attraction to Adam. At that point, the atmosphere will get hot. The latest, intriguing "Y&R" spoilers tease that there will be a passionate kiss between Adam and Chelsea that could change any balance and alliance.

Phyllis and Adam in a dangerous connection

Phyllis still wants revenge. The woman will bind herself to Adam, giving rise to a very dangerous connection. For his part, Adam has no intention of revealing their bond in the light of day. This will infuriate Phyllis. Spoilers reveal that in the episodes for June 25-28, Phyllis and Kevin will have a heated clash.

The woman will threaten him, even going so far as to wrap her hands around his neck.

In the meantime, according to Soap Hub, Nick will look for more evidence to frame Adam in court. To succeed in his goal, Nick has asked Rey Rosales for help. Adam's new and obscure plan is to make Nick look like an unresponsible parent, will he succeed? Adam will find some peace when Chelsea returns to Genoa City, although their relationship will not be easy at all.

Adam and Chelsea in love

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Adam will see Chelsea again. Between the two, the passion will break out again. However, their relationship will not be serene. Chelsea will remind Adam that she is a married woman and that, as if that weren't enough, Connor was adopted by her new husband. Although Chelsea tries to suppress the attraction, something will push her into Adam's arms.

Chelsea and Adam won't be able to resist and will kiss each other.

The latest "Y&R" spoilers tell us that Chelsea's loyalty will be put to the test. Since she kisses Adam, she may even decide to join him. Adam will then tell Nick he's coming back soon and ask him to give him a break. His request, however, will not be heard at all. Finally, in the CBS promo you notice a mysterious character holding a gun, who is it? To find out, stay tuned and don't miss the next "Young and the Restless" spoilers.