General Hospital spoilers are reporting that Shiloh Archer will soon have the tables turned on him. The cult leader is used to being in control and manipulating others but will soon find the joke is on him. Two big reveals are going to turn the Dawn of Day leader’s world upside down. Michael and Jason are frantically trying to prove the guru murdered Willow’s father and, at the same, time attempting to help keep him from Wiley. It will be revealed that Shiloh’s baby died and he will be furious. If he indeed caused the death of Harmony’s husband, then everything will quickly fall apart for him.

'GH' fans don't like Shiloh front and center

“General Hospital” viewers don’t like the fact that the cult leader is front and center in Port Charles, but are elated that his days are numbered. Soap Dirt says Michael and Jason will be doing all they can to bring his reign of terror to an end. Last week they found out about Willow”s father’s alleged drug overdose and after talking with the school teacher, Michael and Jason believe Shiloh murdered her dad. the duo will be searching for proof so the Dawn of Day leader will be put behind bars and lose any chance of gaining custody of Wiley.

”General Hospital” spoilers have been saying, for weeks, that Shiloh is about to meet his doom. Should Michael and Jason prove he murdered Willow’s father, the cult leader will be angry his secret was exposed.

This, however, will be the least of his worries because there is another revelation that will come to light. This one will probably come to light first, and will absolutely send they DoD leader over the edge. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Mr. Archer will find out that Wiley is not his son, and be out for blood.

'GH' baby swap reveal is sealed by DNA

"General Hospital" devotees know that Shiloh must submit to a DNA test in order to prove paternity. When the genetic testing reveals that the Dawn of Day leader is not Wiley's biological father, there will be widespread pandemonium throughout Port Charles. Naturally, some will believe the results were tampered with and a lot of finger pointing will be going on.

At some point, however, the truth will be made known and the DoD guru will feel he has been tricked twice. He thought he had a son to follow in his creepy footsteps and was angry Willow kept him from his child. Now he will learn that the baby boy he was seeking is dead.

"General Hospital" has given no timeline for when the entire truth will unfold but based on spoilers, it's probably close at hand. If you want to see Shiloh get taken down and his reign of terror come to a close, stay tuned. Be sure to keep up with what's happening in Port Charles by watching for spoilers and tuning in each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.